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Originally Posted November 2016

Arctic Strings

The Facts

Arctic Strings is a cinematic string library designed from the ground up for easy to use ambient sustained strings.
Arctic Strings features Basses, Cellos, Violas and Violins across the entire keyboard. across all 8 of it kontakt instrument presets.

The library comes with it’s own custom scripted Legato and Portamento. It is easy to control your dynamics/volume with the modewheel.
Also included in the arctic strings patches is a Harmonizer which lets you add automatic harmony to the notes you play.

Arctic Strings requires the full version of Kontakt 5.1 and weighed in at 366 MB installed.

Arctic Strings retails for $49 USD rom the Frozen Plain website.

Arctic Strings Frozen PLain

Arctic Strings Frozen Plain with animated “northern lights”


I didn’t even know I needed a new strings library until I started digging into Arctic Strings. With this library, Frozen Plain’s have made a very easy to use, great sounding all-strings-in-one library that is perfect for so many scoring occasions. With Arctic Strings I can see myself being able to go to this lightweight library for my ambient strings needs without having to load up a massive string section and tweek it out. At times it sounds very authentic, with some tweaks and effects it sound synthy, but overall it sounds just right for many scoring occasions.

Effects section is very impressive. Page 2 of the Arctic Strings interface contains the FrozenPlain Effects Engine v2.0 which gives you access and controls to add up to 13 Effects for including the standards you would expect like Filters, Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Reverb, Echo as well as a few original gems like the Atomise, Scatter, Strum modules. Just playing with the effects for the review I was amazed at the new and unique sounds I was able to create from the string library – at time thinking it was starting to sound more like a hybrid library!

Arctic Strings Effects Engine 2.0

Arctic Strings Effects Engine 2.0

The real care and craftsmanship of this library really show with the ability to tweek out the custom script parameters on the settings page.

Settings Arctic Strings

Settings Arctic Strings

Arctic Strings doesn’t do everything, but is does do ambient strings excellently with so many bonuses!


Official Demos of Arctic Strings

Official Videos of Arctic Strings