Review: Apocalypse Percussion Elements (A.P.E.) Micro by Soundiron



A.P.E. Micro packs a real punch. This compact version of the Apocalypse Percussion Elements library has all the great tone as it’s big brother and will do wonders for your tracks with percussive intensity.


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Review:  Apocalypse Percussion Elements (A.P.E.) Micro by Soundiron


A.P.E. Micro All Kontakt Interface

A.P.E. Micro is a Kontakt instrument that downloads at just under 500 MB and includes 28 Ensemble sections well organized in 3 NKIs. The instrument is the compact version of it’s predecessors (Apocalypse Percussion Elements & Apocalypse Elements Layer Edition) with a smaller number of velocity layers and round robins as well and 28 ensemble samples. The library comes with the same ARP and FX Engine as Soundiron‘s larger libraries.

A.P.E. Micro by Soundiron sells for $29 from Soundiron

Upgrades from A.P.E. Micro to the larger A.P.E. libraries are available.


I reviewed the Apocalypse Percussion Elements last year and I really loved it. With A.P.E. Micro I was really curious to see if the fantastic sample set would still hold up with limited dynamic layers and round robins and – boy does it ever! I was again blown away by this powerful but epic sounding set of percussion.

The 3 NKIs the instrument comes with give you just about every option you could think of for how you might want to work with the instrument. It is refreshingly organized; after recently reviewing libraries with 100’s of presets, with APE Micro – you get all flexibility and controls using only 3 Kontakt patches.


A.P.E. Micro Tuned Dual Layer – Allows for each instrument to be loaded via kia switch for chromatic playback

A.P.E. Micro is extremely affordable, containing a great sample set and is wonderfully organized into 3 Kontakt instruments that do everything you need.

I want to note here that I don’t “hear” the limitations of the restricted round robins. While reviewing the instrument I found that it was nearly impossible to get that machine gun sound. That will resonate doubly so once you start layering this library with other instruments or to add punch to your epic and trailer cues. I did include the limited round robins as a CON in the video, but upon further use removed in the written review as it isn’t apparent on playback.

The A.P.E. Micro Kontakt instrument (shown up top of the review) is so easy to work with and takes very little memory to load. Since I have been working on trailer tracks and maxing out my RAM lately, I find that having such a great sounding percussion collection that takes up only 65 MB of memory is a godsend.

The Megamixer instrument (below) allows you the ability to load up a different sample into each of it’s 8 banks. Each bank has controls for Velocity sensitivity, pitch, pan and key trigger range.


Of course, the instrument comes with the Soundiron ARP and FX rack which makes this even more powerful and flexible.

Overall, this instrument is SO impressive and is selling at such a great price that I am awarding it a Sample Library Review FANTASTIC BUY award, which is reserved for instruments that deliver at a pro-level and minimal cost, affording users an easy access point to sonic wonder.

Now the PROS of the library are many, and I think I have articulated them well above. Be sure and check out Cory Pelizzari’s Library Spotlight below to hear even more examples and uses of the instrument.

A.P.E. Micro by Soundiron sells for $29 from Soundiron

Upgrades from A.P.E. Micro to the larger A.P.E. libraries are available.


Demos of A.P.E. Micro by Soundiron

Videos of A.P.E. Micro by Soundiron