Review Antidrum 2 from Soundiron


Antidrum 2 can expand your sonic pallet in very unique and quirky ways. A great set of tools for those scoring for picture or looking for a original edge to their compositions.

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Review Antidrum 2 from Soundiron

Antidrum 2 sells for $49.00 (USD) from Soundiron


I own enough libraries from Soundiron to know that when I crack open a new one I am in for a treat. Antidrum 2 did not disappoint. With a diverse selection of sampled content I was delighted at every turn loading up each kontakt instrument is an adventure of anticipation to see what sonic joy would come out of my monitors.

From Finger snaps to farts (yep), Air Traffic control radio transmissions to multiple PVC sample sets, Watch noises to soda bottle hits this is a grad bag of sonic curiosities.


Yep . . . Air Traffic Control samples in an instrument for kontakt

For the price point at $49 this is a great buy in my opinion if you’re a composer for picture looking to expand your sonic pallet in a unique and quirky way to help you evolve compositions to create new worlds. I can also see how the Antidrum series can inspire music makers with it original edge that is sure to add new dimensions to a composition. The Soundiron ARP (arpeggiator) only expands the inspirational value the library holds.

As you can see I was inspired and continue to be a big fan of all things Soundiron big and small, so be sure check out the demos and videos (below) to learn more about the instrument and see if it’s a good fit for your music creation needs.



Antidrum 2 downloads as 3.12 GB library with 3924 samples and contains 31 nki presets. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5or higher.

List of kontakt presets: Air Traffic Control Radio Transmissions, Baritone Sax Phrases, Boom Whackers, Box Bang, Cellphone Human Beat Box, Soda Bottle Staccato, Finger Snaps, Fuzz Kit, Garbage Day, Human Trumpet, Massives, Music Box Gears and Chords, PVC Ensemble, PVC Orchestra, PVC Mega Horn, PVC Solo Patches, PVC Vocal Effects, Plastic Water Jug, Rainstick, Restroom Handle Bars, Slinky Experiment, Stop Watch, The Deceiver, Thunder Drum,Tuned Water Glasses, Tuned Water Bowl, Un-glass, Warbly Little Synth Kit, Wooden Plant Box.

Antidrum 2’s Kontakt interface contains controls for attack, release, transient offset, dynamic swelling, filter type selection, resonant filter sweep and a Soundirons Arpeggiator system (ARP) for step sequencer pattern creation.

Antidrum 2 also has a 2nd panel with a full DSP effects rack, including: modulation, compression, distortion, amp & cabinet simulation, reverb, eq and delay.

Antidrum 2 sells for $49.00 (USD) from Soundiron

Official Demos of Antidrum 2

Official Videos of Antidrum 2