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Aleatoric Modular Series – Brass Bundle Strezov Sampling

First Thoughts

Looking for great sounding brass sample library with the ability to create true chance music?
Each of the instruments in the AMS Brass Bundle give you just that.
Strevoz Sampling has taking 3 an already great sound aleatoric brass libraries & streamlined the interface and added a very cool stage placement feature.

AMS French Horns Strezov Sampling

The Facts

The instruments of the AMS Brass Bundle requires the full version of Kontakt.

The AMS Brass Bundle contains all three of Strezov Sampling‘s aleatoric brass libraries (Low Brass, French Horns & Trumpets) in a bundle. At the time of writing the bundle runs $279.00 USD, discounted about 20% from buying the instruments separately (which are listed at $110.00 USD each).

As the name suggests the libraries were created by capturing Lip Bends, Flutter Bends, Jitters, Cluster Deviations, and tempo-synced Rips/Rises/and Falls all at 96k in a dry hall. All the performances have been recorded with both normal and muted sounds.

You can guide your dynamics with the mod wheel (or set a CC of your choice for control). The instruments contain 4 velocity layers corresponding to four different performance dynamics (pp, mp, f, fff).

Low Brass AMS Strezov Sampling

Low Brass AMS Strezov Sampling

The newly designed interface gives you 5 mic positions. A close, decca, outrig, balcony & far.The lite versions of the instruments load up with minimal RAM usage as low as 22MB!

The instruments all have a random start time variable which can be dialed from 0-100% to provide a truly aleatoric performance.

The end result is a comprehensive set of brass instruments that combines great sounding brass effects with loads of variations which could be used for a number of sound design projects and score ranging from horror, suspense, action, thriller and trailer score as well.



The Low Brass were recorded using 2 tenor trombones + 2 bass trombones + 1 tuba.
The Low Brass include 3 instruments a Full version a Lite version and an instrument of just rises and falls.


The French Horns were recorded with 6 french horns (Tutti) as well as a3 divisi for Lip Bends, Flutter Bends, Trills, Flurries and Jitters and a6 full ensemble for Sustains, Cluster Deviations, and tempo-synced Rips/Rises and Falls.
You get 5 instruments with French Horn performances: Full A, LITE A, Full B, LITE B as well as an instrument of just rises and falls.


The Trumpets were recorded with 3 Trumpets.
The trumpet patches include 3 instruments a Full version a Lite version and an instrument of just rises and falls.



Stezov has updated AMS series instruments that now allow you to load all samples in one convenient interface meaning all your Lip Bends, Flutter Bends, Jitters, trills and flurries (including stopped and sardine versions) can be loaded in an easy to key switch slot.

In addition, the AMS instruments give you the ability to load in “mixed” mode. The Mixed mode allows you to load 2 different performances (ei Lip Bends & Jitters) and then lets you smoothly transition from one set of performance samples to the other.
Note to other developers I love this kind of “load all instrument” options into a bank that are key switchable. And with this option you have the able to manage your RAM footprint by only loading up the samples you need and keeping your memory usage to a minimum.


On the front of the GUI you have a random start time options with convenient slider. This control allows you to get truly aleatoric playback with random start times or you can adjust the slider to 0 and get controlled sample playback. The slider controls from 0-100% randomness.

Also on the front GUI are convenient High & Low Pass filter. These controls are very useful if you want to eliminate some of the breath sound on the high end or want to create a special effect. Both respond to midi CC so you can program the interface with your desired controls.


Stage Placement

With the new interface design comes the Stage Placement feature. This gives you a 2D stage on the GUI that allows you to place the performers in a specific part of the stage from left to right and front to back. This is a great little feature and really allows some precise blending which saves you from fooling around with pan and simulating space.


Wrap Up

Overall the instruments of the AMS Brass Bundle deliver great sounding samples with different sized loops, enough dynamic range and control. The stand out feature is the ability to control random start time for playback making these a true aleatoric instruments.

My only real critique is that to my ears the majority of the samples sound a little “frantic”. I know that is the nature of the performances but I had to dig in to find a more subtle sample with bends.

Want to check out a small playable version of the Jitters patches? You can download a FREE version of the LITE Low Brass Jitters patch to get a little feel for the instrument here:

If you are looking to add to your orchestral effects or ready to create truly aleatoric brass music, then definite check out the AMS Brass Bundle.


Official Demos from Strezov Sampling

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