Review: Ambition by Sound Yeti


Ambition has grown on me and has become more addictive the more I use it, the Global FX, along with the LFO section, makes this entire library a real winner.

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Review: Ambition by Sound Yeti

Sound Yeti may not have a lot of sound libraries on the market but, what they have developed, is well crafted and top notch. Ambition is their 3rd venture into the world of Kontakt sound design and their first into the arena of ambient soundtrack and electronic hybrid scoring. The Pads and Textures are reminiscent of some of the best Omnisphere libraries and are highly moving and inspirational, definitely on a level that few Kontakt libraries have been able to achieve.

Ambition sells for $129.00 from Sound Yeti


Ambition has definitely been a sound library that has grown on me and has become more addictive the more I use it. While there are so many “ambient” libraries on the market, Sound Yeti seems to have gone back to the basics as to what works in a well-developed library. Namely, they have pretty much reduced the GUI to a single page, provided a color combination that is pleasing to even MY eye, and have provided a wealth of sound sources, snapshots and multis that satisfy the most discerning of sound designers and composers. Particular to note is, of course, the quality of the sounds and the ease to which the sound can be modulated, manipulated and, yes, even mangled. Sound Yeti even comes across with a bit of the unusual, namely the addition of various style vintage cabinets in its Global FX section including, yes, one of my favorites, the Leslie. Hey, I’m always up for adding a bit of a psychedelic, proto prog sound!!

Ambition LFO

I mean, c’mon, you can’t find a better and more simple / useful interface in what Ambition provides. So, lets go through it section-by-section. The top part is pretty basic…you get a dual sound source with each snapshot. These snapshots are built from a core of 252 sound sources which can either be changed manually or randomly. Each layer has its own, independent Amplitude Modulation Envelope with full ADSR capabilities. In addition, you can elect whether to enable or disable the common FX or the common LFO; it is a matter of simply turning them on or off with the radial. What I especially find helpful is you are given the ability to also synch the envelope settings of Layer A to Layer B or vice versa. The middle section of the upper portion of the GUI is the mixer where you can control each layer’s volume plus the overall master volume. Lastly, individual width, panning and tuning are also provided.

Ambition Snapshots

So, what does Ambition give you to work with out of the box? Plenty, and I mean plenty!! Basic categories include Evolving, Keys, Pads, Motion and Textures…all make use of the provided 252 sound sources and each snapshot is crafted by the developer with regards to FX and modulation. I was particularly impressed with the Pads, the Motions and the Evolving sounds. There is such a variety of sound amongst the samples that I found very few of them to be redundant. If I had one issue with the samples is that I wish there were more acoustic samples to be found in the Keys category and, perhaps, a few more snapshots in the Motion category.

Ambition FX

With regards to FX, you get several in which to develop each sound layer. With each snapshot, some of these FX may come enabled while others are left in an off state. It is rather easy to tell as those that are enabled have the “power” button highlighted. The Ambition user manual does a good job in breaking down the parameters for each effect. In the middle section of the FX section one has the ability to “synch” up Layer A to Layer B and vice versa, just as one can “synch” up the envelope section. One thing of note, and this is brought out in the user manual, is that a common issue in Kontakt is the lag one may experience when making changes to the parameters with the reverb section. I’ve always had a personal issue with the reverb functionality within Kontakt and this is the main reason why I tend to reach for a 3rd party reverb plug-in. Overall, however, I am pretty impressed in the variety of impulse responses provided (a total of 25) and the overall effect the Delay has on the sound.

Ambition LFO Destinations

What really sets Ambition apart from other like-minded sound libraries is the signature Sound Yeti LFO section. No, you do not have worms crawling along your screen, it’s the motion of each layer visually depicted. Ambition gives you the ability to select from 4 different LFO shapes (Sine, Triangle, Saw and Square) and to select amongst 14 different affected destinations including, yes, sample rate and a crying wah. To me, this is where the fun is in this library and I have spent numerous hours manipulating the original sound via the LFO function. As with other sections, you can “synch” up the layers. Also, you have the ability to synch the speed of each LFO to your DAW…this alone can drastically alter your sound. Personally, I like to leave the LFOs speed un-synched and modulate the speed of both with the ModWheel via the CC Learn function. The results you can get with this function are mind altering staggering!! Simply put, this makes the price you spend on this library totally worth it!!

Ambition Cabinets

Last, but not least, is the Global FX sections in which, each, has its own XY controller. These controllers can either be manipulated with a mouse or with the default CC assignments (these assignments are clarified in the user manual). If you want to use the CC assignments, it’s advisable you use a MIDI device with enough assignable knobs or sliders. In this area you can control the High Pass and Low Pass and assign a defined slope, enable a dual delay with the ability to add a ping pong and, lastly, to assign a particular cabinet in which to play the sound through. Personally, I’m not familiar with all of the cabinets but, I will say, each has a very distinct flavor and identity. Being the psychedelic, space jam type of performer I am, I prefer adding the Leslie to a LOT of the music I develop and, this feature, along with the LFO section, makes this entire library a real winner for me…just head on over to the Sound Yeti web page and find out for yourself!!


Ambition for Kontakt Player contains 252 Sound Sources, 221 Snapshots and 31 Multis and downloads as 5.1 GB and requires either the free Kontakt Player 6.2.2 (included) or the equivalent full version.

Ambition sells for $129.00 from Sound Yeti


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Contributor Raymond D Ricker reviews Ambition by Sound Yeti
“Ambition has grown on me and has become more addictive the more I use it, the Global FX, along with the LFO section, makes this entire library a real winner.”