Review Ambiloops Vol 1 from Rigid Audio


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Review Ambiloops Vol 1 from Rigid Audio


Ambiloops Vol 1 sounds great. It is a fantastic instrument especially considering it sells for 20 bucks!


Ambiloops Vol 1 gives you 400 loops, 100 construction kits all tempo sync’d with multiple Bass, Pad, Ambient and Groove loops. Now I don’t use many construction kits and prefer writing with instruments, but these are some great kits and I really dig the style and the creativity. Excited to see that Rigid Audio also released Ambiloops Vol 2 as well.


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The Facts


Ambiloops Vol 1 weighs in at 1.1 GB and contains 100 Construction Kits (NKI) with 400 loops total playable in kontakt. Ambiloops comes with all loops as acidized WAV file for easy DAW import. All loops tempo sync to host DAW.

Effects and controls of the instrument include: Part Mute, Modwheel targets (Lowpass Filter, Highpass Filter and Volume per part),  Volume, Pan, Autopan, Semi Tuning and Double Speed switches per part.

Ambiloops Vol 1 requires the full version of Kontak t5.1 or later and is fully MIDI controllable and mappable.

Ambiloops Vol 1  is available from Rigid Audio for £6.99

also available

Ambiloop Vol 2

Official Demos of Ambiloops Vol 1

Videos of Ambiloops Vol 1