Review Algorhythms 02 from The Unfinished


For a set of synth drum, Algorhythms 02 defies genre in the best way possible delivering a sophisticated set of curated kits that add texture and intrigue.


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Review Algorhythms 02 from The Unfinished

Algorhythms 02 sells for £39.99 from The Unfinished


The Unfinished (Matt Bowdler ) has been building a growing fan base of his sample sets and synth presets for sometime now. As talented as he prolific I was thrilled to get a chance to check out his latest sample set, Algorhythms 02, delivered as instrument for Kontakt, Battery, Geist as well as WAV files.

I often hear electronic drums used in scores and they can sound dated and “retro”.  Of the nearly 500 crafted synth drums sounds housed in the 30 kontakt presets, I found Algorhythms 02 to defy genre in the best way possible. The sample set created for this instrument sounds fresh and refined.

The 6 “ALL” presets (ALL CLAPS, HATS, KICKS, SNARES, NOISES) are good instruments to have included in the library but for me the real gems are the 20 kits that come with the library. These kits have been curated in a way that the kicks, snares and hats balance and play nicely together.  And the big PRO of the instrument for me is having a talent sound designer like the Unfinished assemble these kits for me to add to my score as working with synths and electronics have never been my forte.

Another thing I love about the detail that went into the instrument is the color coded keys in the Kits instruments. The color coding signifies the different types of samples loaded across the keyboard (Red = Kick, Green = Snare etc) so more time playing and less time deciphering the instrument.

Algorhythms 02

Algorhythms 02 main kontakt instrument interface

The 3 bonus  “cinematic” kits in the instruments library are a pleasant surprise: A Dark Cinematic Kit, a Ethnic Analogue Kit and a Synth Hits Kit.  It’s hard to find a “CON” about this library. For me I wandered into the library expecting giant “electro” impacts and  “trailer” hits. If that is what you’re after you might be disappointed because instead we find that Algorhythms 02 contains a curated, sophisticated sample sets that work perfectly for those airy, sweeping scores.


Send Effects Panel

The Kontakt instrument has a GUI that allows controls of each sample with tuning, amp envelope, transient, filter and EQ controls.
There are also sends for delay and reverb.


Insert Effects Panel

The kontakt instrument contains an effects panel with lo-fi, distortion, compression, transient, filter and EQ controls as global effects.

I have to say that the design of the GUI and the way you interact with the instrument is easy to navigate. With the slew of new kontakt instruments coming out on the market I am seeing more and more kontakt instruments with little thought into the GUI. I have to give credit to programmer Mario Kruselj/Evil Dragon and designer for Ryo Ishido for crafting the instrument since interacting with the instrument a “no-brainer”.

For Algorhythms 02, The Unifinished set out to create a “dynamic but subtle, modern” tool similar to the scores of Olafur Arnalds, James Newton Howard and Craig Armstrong. To that he has succeeded. With the very reasonable price point of the instrument I find this library to be a great addition for those creating scores for picture as well as composers who work in ambient, electronic or pop music.


Algorhythms 02 contains 480 drums samples with 20 electronic kits (with a further 3 bonus cinematic kits) for Kontakt, Battery 3/4 , Geist formats and WAVs (24bit 48k).

The sounds have been designed using Zebra, Diva, Massive, Bazille and FM8 and processed with plug-ins from UAD, Kush Audio, FabFilter, Native Instruments and Sonnox.

Algorhythms 02 requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher to use the kontakt kits.

Algorhythms 02 sells for £39.99 from The Unfinished

Official Demos of Algorhythms 02

Official Videos of Algorhythms 02