Review: AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit by KeepForest


AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit provides a massive amount of samples of all kinds used in modern trailer music, and its engine rewards epic results from both simple tweaks and detailed deep-dives.

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Review: AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit by KeepForest

Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit is a massive collection of modern sound design powered by Keepforest’s new AizerX engine. With 6 sound modules and a number of ways to layer, manipulate, and sculpt, there’s a pretty absurd amount of sonic results you can squeeze out of this library. Thanks to the excellent detail and production value put into each sample, it’s difficult to create any combination that sounds bad once you get past the (fairly steep) learning curve of the user interface. This is definitely a solid choice for a single comprehensive sample library to cover the needs of a modern trailer composer.

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit by KeepForest sells for $399 from Time & Space




As the core aspect of the AizerX engine is its 6 module system, the main panel of the interface reflects this. Along the left and right sides we have 6 identical modules. The top 4 are labeled A, B, C, and D. The two on the bottom are specific to “Whoosh” and “Hit”. Every finished sound can include a whoosh/lead-in, a hit, and 4 additional layers of whatever you please. Even the “whoosh” and “hit” modules can have any sound loaded, so you can craft a whoosh or hit out of whatever sound you want. Each sound/finished sound has two keys devoted to it – one that includes, and one that doesn’t. This is so that you can quickly play either an instant hit, or the same hit with a lead-in. Most of the presets are structured that way, though some of them are more textural and don’t necessarily include a solid impact.

Every module has controls for things like volume, pan, filters, LFOs, etc – the things you’d expect for sound designers. The bottom zone is a timeline that visually shows you the waveforms of your “whoosh” and “hit” layers. You can set start and end times here, as well as move around the little A through D flags, changing when your different modules play. This way you could have a lead-in, a hit, then a bender or alarm a few seconds later.

The area in the center includes your preset selection menu and a few different ways to randomize the sounds and parameters you have set. The very middle is an XY pad that fades the volume between the four corners, which correspond with the A – D sound modules. You can use the record button to record your own XY movements, which works surprisingly well. There’s also a pro/easy mode toggle, which simply hides some of the more detailed knobs and buttons.

The “mixer” button in the middle opens up this fairly simple mix console. Here you can apply Kontakt FX to 8 slots, as well as adjust the volume of your 6 modules. Presets can be saved and loaded here as well.

The Keepforest FX Rack is also here to play within the second panel. There’s a fair bit of redundancy between these FX and the ones in the Mixer console, but these FX can be controlled by a few LFOs and Step Sequencers in the neighboring screens.

This is easily the largest collection of designed hybrid sound effects I’ve come across. But I wouldn’t say this library chooses quantity over quality either. I won’t pretend that I remember every sound I played during my time with it, but as a whole these samples are very well produced. Wide frequency ranges are covered, resulting in big and full samples that stand on their own very well. There are plenty of over-the-top punchy slams, but not at the cost of softer and more eerie, subdued alarms and benders. These SFX will be getting tons of use from me, both in singular .wav file form, and layered-up AizerX engine form.

With 6 layers to be filled in the AizerX engine, the different potential combinations might as well be infinite. The presets alone could be enough to keep you composing for many, many tracks. But the inspiration and ideas really flow when you learn the ins and outs of the engine. Reverse one layer, make it loop, turn one of the hits into a lead-in, throw in a bender or a braaam, and you’ve got yourself a complex and moving sound that you could craft a whole track around. Now take that and do it thousands of times more, and you might start to reach the end of what this library offers. But I’d call that a pretty sweet deal for longevity and utility.


AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit utilizes Keepforest’s new AizerX engine to present a massive number of custom designed hybrid sound effects with trailer music in mind. The AizerX engine’s core is a 6 module system with controls to manipulate each layer separately or globally. There are 4.1 GB of 48khz / 24 bit samples included in this package, which requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.7.3 or higher.

AizerX Trailer SFX Designer Toolkit by KeepForest sells for $399 from Time & Space


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