Review: All Adagio String Bundle from 8Dio


It is very easy to use 8Dio’s All Adagio String Bundle and it delivers hyper-realistic expressiveness and really shines with it’s legato instruments. The library has the advantage of years of development and most of the CONS I found are promised to be addressed in the soon to be released next evolution of the collection: “Anthology”.

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Review: All Adagio String Bundle from 8Dio



8Dio All Adagio Bundle is Massive.  With 120 dynamic bowings, 60 loure articulations,  a huge set of short articulations, phrses, fx but the buzz around the instrument has been about just how unique and expressive the 36 unique types of legatos are in the instruments. After reviewing the library I have to say it does not disappoint. The legatos are of the most hyper-realistic I have heard with a touch of gene se qua they really make your playback breath.

All Adagio String Bundle sells for $1,695 from 8Dio


At the time of posting 8Dio was celebrating their 5 year anniversary of Adagio with
70% off ANY Adagio or Agitato Products/Bundles
The All Adagio String Bundle was listed at $499.



From what I gather in my research 8dio‘s Adagio line was first introduced with Adagio Violins in May 2012. The developer when on to record Cellos, Violas and Basses for the adagio series and continued to improve and perfect the instruments as they released them including an update to the original Violin library.

The All Adagio Bundle includes the respective Adagio Violins, Violas, Cellos & Basses as well as the Adagietto library. At the current dscount price this collection is a steal for only $499!

I have been trying to get this review out for a couple days, so please excuse the brevity as I just needed to share as soon as possible because of the libraries current sale. I’ll include all the official videos and demos for the instruments at the bottom of the page.

The first thing to know is this is a massive collection. So much so that it was difficult to get started to get a review out. The huge offer of articulations across the string line are a bit overwhelming. Once I had a good amount of time to play through most of the patches it all started to gel and the benefits of the library jumped out very quickly.

Each of the instruments come with Ensemble, Divisi and Solo instruments with a large collection of articulations ranging from shorts, phrases, fx, tempo sync’d legatos, loure legatos and multis. The recording quality is exemplary and each instrument allows for control over 3 mic positions (Close, Far and Mix).

The keyswiching system is easy to use, but of note here is that the instruments are divided up with separate NKIs for shorts, legatos, fx, etc. So those who prefer an instrument with all main articulations will need to consider how this will work in your template – however, see the bottom of the review to see how 8Dio plan to advance this library in the future with Anthology.

When the libraries first came out they had some huge supporters as well as critiques. One thing I have to say is that the current version of 8Dio Adagio Bundle has instruments that have been continually upgraded from user comments and suggestions so a lot of what I read on the posted reviews of the instrument were invalid since the libraries have continued to evolve.

The sound is fantastic and the close mics are similar to the kind of presence you get with L.A.S.S. but some how have a bit of breath that adds to the realism. The big pro for the library is the giant collection of separately designed leagto instruments.


The individually sculpted legato instruments have names like “Instinct” & “Village” with a tip of the hat t the film scores they were inspired by. Each seems to have just a slightly different set of eq, legato transition programming and make is truly unique in it’s ability to further enhance your music.

Important to note here is that a few of the articulations has some noticeable stereo drift. I only came across it a couple times. I also want to mention something that is hard to describe. I went on about the realism of the legtos in playback and my thought was that playing these hpyer-realistic  legato lines do have a magical air to them . . .  until I stopped playing then the “air” is kind od sucked out of the room when it went to silence. Like I said hard to describe.

Great that they have the Try Me patch so you could give it a go yourself though.

Another huge factor here is that the All Adagio String Bundle is slated to be discontinued.

“WHAT?????? Why am I reviewing a library that will be discounted?” you ask?
Because 8Dio has announced Anthology – the string lines predecessor.

Owners of All Adagio String Bundle will get 6 points towards purchase of the Anthology library which will consolidate all the Adagio and Agitato libraries. Owners of all Adagio and Aditato products will get a free upgrade to the new Anthology Strings (see chart at the bottom of this page for all upgrade into).

Anthology promises to be “incredibly easy to use and playable as silk.” Since the All Adagio String Bundle is very easy to use already I can’t wait to see what 8Dio has in store. Another note here is that 8Dio is promising Anthology will have “every articulation available from one single page.” which addresses one of my concerns with The All Adagio String Bundle.



All Adagio String Bundle downloads as 106GB and does require the full version of Kontakt.

All Adagio String Bundle sells for $1,695 from 8Dio

Demos of All Adagio String Bundle

Videos of All Adagio String Bundle