Quick Look: Evolution Dragon by KeepForest (75% OFF Bundle Deal)


I normally don’t push an unreleased instrument to the front of the cue, but I couldn’t resist sharing a quick poke around new developer KeepForest’s flagship library for Kontakt – Evolution: Dragon.



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Quick Look: Evolution Dragon by KeepForest


New developer Keepforest  was founded by composer & sound designer Arseni Khodzin and composer & programmer Evgeny Emelyanov with a mission of creating “handy audiotools” for composers and sound designers. If their flagship release, Evolution: Dragon is any indication of the path the two have in mind, we could be seeing some great new libraries from KeepForest.

Evolution Dragonby KeepForest sells for $149.00 from  Time & Space



We get sent a lot of libraries to review. I mean so many we are looking for more contributors to help us spread the word! When a new developer with no previous releases sends me an email with a very ambiguous artsy teaser trailer for a new library I can’t say that I get all that excited.

Sure I shared the news on SLR, but this week in particular I couldn’t just drop everything and review an unknown library when I already have 7 reviews in the works! But, I downloaded it and had a moment while I was eating a turkey sandwich in the studio to load it up and make sure it worked – then I knew I had to share!

I had a few minutes yesterday morning and thought it would be helpful to share my experience checking out Evolution Dragon for the first time. I am pretty thrilled with the offerings of the library and think it will come in really handy for composers looking for new fresh textures and sonic impact whether you are working on effects and sound design or composing high-impact scores or trailer tracks.

I didn’t have time to check out all the effects and ARP controls the instrument has in the video and the pre-release copy I received didn’t have a manual ( hope they release an overview video soon). Since I made my video I see that they now have an official walkthrough video and overview video. I will include those in the videos below.


Evolution: Dragon Effects and Motion Controls


Evolution Dragon requires the full version of Kontakt. It contains just over 100+ Kontakt presets and downloads as 3.77GB. No manual was included in my pre-release copy.

Evolution Dragon by KeepForest sells for $149.00 from  Time & Space


Demos of Evolution Dragon

Videos of Evolution Dragon