New EP of “In Conversation” Interview With Sound Designer Karel Psota


In this latest installment of Sample Library Review’s ‘In Conversation,’ Don Bodin sits down for an insightful and engaging conversation with Sound Designer Karél Psota. Karél creates sound design for sample libraries and trailer scores including Avengers Infinity War, Justice League and many more. Karél also is the instructor for the new Evenant Online Course “Trailer Sound Design.

Don and Karél cover a broad variety of topics in this interview sharing insights on everything from Karél’s journey to working on top Trailers to tips on sound design and the software and software he uses for creating the wooshes, hits and trailer sounds

Through the entire interview, you get a peek into Karél’s views on the crafting original sounds and sampling. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there is something for everybody in this latest installment and I encourage you to take the time and watch the entire interview.

I’ll link to everything we discuss in the interview in the show notes below.

Show Notes

Karél Psota official website

‘Trailer Sound Design: From Source To Cinema’ – Evenant Online Course  Intro price $199 (reg $249.00)

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