NAMM 2020 – Convention Coverage


This year we are capturing many of the presentations at the 2020 NAMM convention trying to give you an inside look if you are unable to attend. Below you will find a list of the presentations we have published thus far and will continue to update it as we get more video to share. ( )


Soundiron announce Alpha Organ & Hyperion Brass – NAMM 2020 Booth Visit

We had a chance to meet up with the Soundiron crew at NAMM 2020 where they were showing off their upcoming release Alpha Organ instrument for Kontakt and Mike also shared that the team are in production on a Hyperion Brass library! See video here.


What’s the difference? Smart Orchestra VS Big Bang Orchestra by Vienna Symphonic Library 

We had a chance to check out the new Big Bang Black Eye release from the Vienna Symphonic Library booth at NAMM 2020 last week. While we were there Roger from VSL broke down the difference between the new Big Bang Orchestra release and the Smart Orchestra Series. See video here.


Ample Sound announce Ample Metal Hellower 9 String Guitar

Ample Sound also announced an upcoming release, Ample Metal Hellower, last week at the NAMM 2020 show. At the Ample Sound booth, the development team was showing off their 9 Strings Guitar VST NAMM 2020. See video here.


Sonarworks announce SoundID 

Sonarworks announced their Sound ID application and we’re demoing the new software on the NAMM show floor. The new software is bringing individually perfected sound to everyone, based on machine learning. See video here.


3 Things I Learned: Mike Patti/Cinesamples NAMM 2020 MOTU Scoring Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It was a real pleasure to get to hear Mike Patti present at the MOTU Booth at NAMM 2020. In his talk, he shared his experience scoring for Disney’s Animal Kindom using digital performer. Trying to capture audio was out of the question as the NAMM show floor is so chaotic so in this video I summarize the 3 things I learned from Mike’s presentation. See video here.


Red Room Audio announce Leonard Solomon’s Extraordinary Machines & upcoming Traveler Series release

Red Room Audio has announced an upcoming release, “Leonard Solomon’s Extraordinary Machines”, Cue Builders series instrument and new Travelers series instrument hinted at. See the video here.


Eduardo Tarilonte & Best Service announce NADA

We caught up with Eduardo Tarilonte at the Best Service Booth at NAMM 2020 and got a chance to learn about the upcoming sample library release: NADA. See the video here.

Spitfire Audio release Albion NEO, announce Universal Audio Collaboration we talk OPW

This year at NAMM Spitfire Audio was showing off their brand new release, Albion NEO. we had a chance to catch up with Oliver Patrice Weder and also took the opportunity to speak with him about the recently released “Oliver Patrice Weder – OPW” sample library.
See the video here.



UVI announce Vintage Vault 3 with JP Legacy

UVI are showing off their massive Vintage Vault 3 sampled synth collection at the NAMM show, See the video here.


Shreddage 3 Hydra & Airtop Computer from Impact Soundworks

Impact Soundworks‘ announced the upcoming release of Shreddage 3 Hydra and AIRTOP PC! See video here.



Junkie XL Brass, Sine Player & FREE Layers from Orchestral Tools

There are plenty of announcements from Orchestral Tools’ NAMM Booth this year! See the video here.

Steinberg announce AXR4U

We met up with Greg Ondo of Steinberg for info on the developer’s new AXR4U Audio interface. See the video here.



Steinberg announces (FREE) Dorico SE

This week at NAMM Steinberg Announced the new FREE version of Dorico, Dorico SE. See our NAMM coverage here,



Doubler Studio Kit by Vochlea Presentation

Vochlea Music’s Dubler Studio Kit is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller that lets you translate your musical ideas into reality by singing, or beatboxing them. See the video here


DM48 by Lekolm Instruments Presentation

Lekholm’s DM48 is a chromatic harmonica midi controller. With twelve independent pressure sensors harmonica players can create performances with any software instrument triggered by midi! Since the DM48 is a pure MIDI controller with no onboard sound synthesis, See the video of the presentation here


A88 MKII by Roland

WOW! Not only is the A88 MKII the first MIDI 2.0 controller, but this 88 key midi controller also plays like a piano with beautifully weighted keys. See the video of the presentation here



Developed by Sensaphonics, patented 3D active-ambient monitoring technology is used by the world’s top performers to enhance the sound of the stage, room, and audience in an isolated monitor mix. Now this same technology is available for everyone with ASI Audio 3DME and the ASI Audio app. See the video presentation here.


YC61 61-Key Organ Stage Keyboard by YAMAHA

Designed for gigging keyboardists, the YC61 features a newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ engine with physical drawbars, extensive real-time controls, three vintage organ models, rotary speakers and many many more options.
Watch Yamaha’s Blake Angelos share a demo of this powerful new keyboard.


Check back for more soon.