Jumpstart A Score – Random Scoring Challenge VLOG – 10-DAY 10k Giveaway DAY 6


In today’s Vlog, I spend a little time going over the main templates I use. From there I break down what a templates function is: to Jump Start a Score.

Selecting comments from the YouTube channel I then go about crafting a scoring challenge with a goal of creating something new from scratch using random music generation and my music production skills.

Giveaway Details: http://bit.ly/2zRR9JT

Don’s Main Orchestral Template
Spitfire Symphonic Strings: http://bit.ly/2KxanYs
Spitfire Symphonic Brass: http://bit.ly/ReviewSpitfireSymphincBrass
Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds: http://bit.ly/2LHMv4m

Don’s Main Scoring Sketching Template
Albio One: http://bit.ly/2B0nlJe
Metropolis Ark I: http://bit.ly/1V5IF3a
Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensemble: http://bit.ly/2GCjJAd
Symphony Series Brass Soundiron NI: http://bit.ly/2qOnrh3
True Strike Project Sam: http://bit.ly/2QFCash
Synth UVS 3200 UVI: http://bit.ly/2yzAl8T

Random Scoring Challenge Instruments
Riffer Random Midi Generator AudioModern : http://bit.ly/2zUgByE
Spitfire LABS Electric Piano: http://bit.ly/2Ezf0Pp
Spitfire Chamber Strings: http://bit.ly/2r3D3An
Albio One: http://bit.ly/2B0nlJe
Scenes from The Multiverse Audio Imperia: http://bit.ly/2HXEmex
True Strike Project Sam: http://bit.ly/2QFCash
Earth eDNA Spitfire Audio: http://bit.ly/2xLnEIm

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