In Conversation with Score Mixer Rich Aitken


In this latest installment of Sample Library Review’s ‘In Conversation,’ Don Bodin sits down for an insightful and engaging conversation with the multi-talented Rich Aitken. As a mixing engineer and musician, Rich is the driving force behind Nimrod Sound. Rich has been involved in the video game and big screen universe for over two decades with productions as diverse as the “Driver” and “Far Cry” franchises, “24” and most recently “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “The Forgiven”.

Don and Rich cover a broad variety of topics in this interview sharing pearls of wisdom on everything from Rich’s path starting out in the music business to his move to the world of media composing and engineering. Along the way, Rich and Don both share their insights on navigating the business of working on film and video game music including some great back-and-forth discussion on mixing philosophy and on topics like Rich’s view of what he looks for from a client when submitting a mix to his philosophy on the art of mixing itself, both “in the box“ and in the studio, even a discussion on what happens when you get a combination of material.

Throughout the entire interview, you really do get a sense of Rich’s views on the music business and how he has grown and continues to interact with both clients and peers that led to his overall success in the business. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there is something for everybody in this latest installment and I encourage you to take the time and watch the entire interview. You will not be disappointed.

I’ll link to everything we discuss in the interview in the show notes below.

Show Notes

Nimorod Sound Rich’s official website

Driver 2 by Reflections Interactive for Sony PlayStation Wikipedia page

FMOD Audio Software Platform

UNITY Game Development Software

Horizon Zero Dawn Video Game for PS4 (at Amazon)

Horizon Zero Dawn Main Theme on YouTube

The Forgiven Film starring Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana (at Amazon)

Rob Manning Composer “How We Invented the World

Pro Q EQ by Fabfilter (at Plugin Boutique)

Acoustica Audio Plugins official website

Altiverb by Audio Ease

Thermionic Culture Vulture by UAD

nOB Controller at Kickstarter

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