Interview with Composer Daniel Beijbom


In this latest installment of Sample Library Review’s “In Conversation”, Don Bodin sits down for an insightful and engaging conversation with Composer Daniel Beijbom. Daniel’s shares his journey from playing drums in rock bands to now having hundreds of trailer tracks out in the world with placements like Aqua Man, Logan, Spider-Man Homecoming, Star Wars Rogue One and War of The Planet of The Apes to name a few.

Don and Daniel cover a broad variety of topics in this interview and answer a few questions from SLR readers.

I’ll link to everything we discuss in the interview in the show notes below.

Show Notes

Daniel’s Online course

Trailer Music Mastery


Plugins/Instruments mentioned:

Cinematic Studio Strings by Cinematic Studios

Strikeforce by Laboratory Audio

Trailer Brass by Musical Sampling

Photosynthesis by Exotic States ( as part of the Cinematic Bundle deal here)

Oceana by Performance Samples

SSL G Channel by Waves Audio (SAVE an additional 10% with SLR link & code “YNY23”)

OTT xFer Records


Learn more about Daniel’s Trailer Music Mastery Course here: