First Look: Xosphere 2 by Sample Logic (currently 77% off)


With the release of Xosphere 2, Sample Logic have crafted an engine with a first in sample content: a massive atmosphere creator from a broad range of talented sound designers including Soundiron, Sampletraxx, Audio Modern, Black Octopus, and Loopmasters.

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First Look: Xosphere 2 by Sample Logic

With its bold tagline, “The Worlds Most Powerful Atmosphere Generator”, Xosphere 2 has made a pretty massive claim. But don’t dismiss this Kontakt instrument because of the marketing hype, Sample Logic has done something unheard of, collaborating with the talented design teams of Soundiron, Loopmasters, Audio Modern, Sampletraxx and Black Octopus to deliver a massive atmosphere creator with unprecedented possibilities.

The first thing to know is that this 13 GB library is delivered via Contiuata’s Connect app. This is one of the better delivery methods out there that just needs a serial number and a push of the download button and the software takes care of downloading all the files and then uncompressing and sorting folder structure.

No Native Access registration is needed as the library is delivered as a Kontakt instrument and loads directly through Kontakt’s file browser.

When first opening up the library you will notice Xosphere 2 is of the new-generation of instruments housed in a single Kontakt nki and loads up in the giant “Big Boy” interface. Unlike most last-gen Kontakt libraries, Xosphere 2 streamlines workflow by keeping all sample selection and manipulation into the single instrument’s interface with panels. I especially appreciate this as I like to set up hardware controllers dedicated to software instruments and moving through dozens of .nkis can often lead to the inability to consistently program and trigger instruments with outboard hardware as you have to stop and re-program hardware or midi learn controls.

Xosphere 2 main interface GUI

If you are a fan of Sample Logic then the 4 core engine will look familiar. This engine is designed to allow a separate sample to be loaded up into each of the 4 cores. All 4 cores have separate fx and mixing controls. The XY pad in the middle allows users to fade from one core sample to the next or combine them all with placement in the center of the XY pad.

In the first look video above, I had a chance to randomly select some of the presets and was pleasantly surprised with the sample quality, preset curation and well thought out browser feature.

Xospher 2 Browser

The preset browser allows users to search through the entire catalog of 2,000+ presets by selecting meta tags and narrowing down atmosphere preset types. This many samples and presets seem unmanageable at first but thanks to the browser and “favorite” rating system it makes it easy for users to find their favorite presets and revisit them. The engine also allows for users to save their own user presets which save all information from samples loaded in the cores and all the effects settings.

Each core has it’s own effects controls.

Each core has it’s own effects controls with a nice list of effects at the ready. This is perhaps the most powerful area for sound manipulation as many of these effects can be set up to utilize tempo sync’d step effects for various effects controls which allow for an additional level of sonic morphing over time. Multiply this my multiple effects per sample and then again by 4 (fo the 4 cores) and you start to see the endless possibilities.

Xopshere 2 Mix panel

Each of the 4 cores also has a collection of mix controls including LFO, Volume and filter controls.


Xosphere 2 randomize feature

One of the more powerful aspects of Xosphere 2 is the ability to randomly load in samples and effects parameters. The randomize feature allows you to select the exact areas you want to randomize from full preset randomization to just allowing the effects or mix parameters to be randomized. This allows for truly endless possibilities and some unexpected results.


Xosphere 2 Master Panel

The final panel is the Master panel. This has even more effects controls for the final output of the audio signal. Adding effects in the master panel affects the entire output of all cores as the final block in the signal chain.

With the infinite possibilities that Xosphere 2 provides in its intuitive and easy to use interface, Sample Logic has delivered a true first in teaming with the talented sound design teams from some of our favorite developers to deliver a massive atmosphere creator.

Xosphere 2 is on a special $299 intro price from Sample Logic
Normal pricing will be $349.99


Xosphere 2 is on a special $299 intro price from Sample Logic
Normal pricing will be $349.99


Demos of Xosphere 2 by Sample Logic

Videos of Xosphere 2 by Sample Logic