First Look Video & Review Granulate V1.0 from Will Bedford


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First Look Granulate V1.0 from Will Bedford

The Facts

Granulate is a granular synthesis instrument for Kontakt 5. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.1+.

The instrument allows audio files to be manipulated and processed to create Pads, textures and rhythmic synths.

Granulate comes with 50 built-in presets and also allows you to easily add your own audio by loading for manipulation.
The instrument allows you to manipulate samples through time stretching, pitch shifting, grain shaping and also by using the’Tempo Sync’ mode for creating rhythms out of the loaded sample.

The interface is simple and very easy to use.

Granulate Kontakt V1.0 from Wil Bedford

Granulate Kontakt V1.0 from Wil Bedford


Wow – Pretty impressed here. Granulate is a very creative and wonderful instrument.

To be honest I was most excited about the ability to import my own samples, BUT
I was pretty excited by almost all the presets as well. So much so that I had to playthrough them all, for fear I might miss something really cool.

Granulate was designed to be a “flexible and expandable tool for easily creating your own custom sounds” and with that it has succeeded.

On top off all this, because Granulate runs inside Kontakt, it has the benefit of being able to load NCW files! (a proprietary audio format used by many commercial sample libraries). This means you can import and process sounds from other sample libraries you own, extending your sonic palette even further.

If your looking for something fresh or unique, or if your a sound designer – Granulate is a no-brainer buy at only £25 (BP)

Official Granulate V1.0 Demos

Official Videos of Granulate V1.0