First Look: UVX670 by UVI


UVI restores and deep-samples two 80’s Akai hardware units to create a hybrid layered instrument more powerful than the sum of its parts.

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UVX670 sells for $79.00 from UVI


First Look: UVX670 by UVI


After a string of recent keyboard releases, software developer UVI‘s latest restores the 80’s legendary Akai VX600 and AX73. After some hard work reconditioning the instruments to factory fresh, the UVI sound design team deep-sampled these 2 synths.

The Akai VX600 and AX73 synths were known for their “strengths and peculiarities” with included presets of bass, bells, brass, FX. keys, leads, organs, pads, plucks, polysynths, strings and voices.


For the UVX670 sample set, the team sampled every patch and every key while for the AX73. The team doubled the samples capturing the VX600 with both a wet and dry mix all captured through Prism converters.

What I am loving about the UVI sampled synths is how they instantly inspire “genre-based” music production (this time think 80’s ala The Breakfast Club/Ghostbusters & Aha/Simple Minds) and then stack those sample sets with filters, LFOs, effects, and arpeggios in the hybrid layering engine for an instrument that is more than the sum of its parts.

UVX670 MOD Panel

Finally, the two synth signals are summed through a high-quality effect chain employing 3-band EQ, drive, Thorus, multi-mode ensemble, Phasor, delay and Sparkverb, allowing you to both polish or completely transform your sounds easily, without the need for other plugins.


While UVI‘s UVS-3200 sample synth captured from a 70’s KORG PS-3200 (see my review here) has been my go-to instrument for score and trailer tracks, the UVX670 has more 80s flavor. With the flavor in fashion these days I’ll be firing up the UVX670 next time I’m thinking of trying out a vintage synth might fit the bill.

In the video above I share my first experience checking out the UVX760 by UVI.

UVX670 sells for $79.00 from UVI


UVX670 downloads as 6.36 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 11.73 GB in WAV. The library combines two rare 1980’s analog polyphonic synths from Japan, the Akai VX600 & AX73.

UVX670 comes with 300+ custom-designed presets from the 20,252 sample set which was recorded at 88.2 kHz and delivered at 44.1 kHz.

UVX670 runs in the FREE UVI Workstation v3.0.5 Audio Unit, AAX, VST, Standalone) or higher, or Falcon v1.6.6 or higher.
Requires iLok account (free, dongle not required)

UVX670 sells for $79.00 from UVI


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