First Look: Uproar RAW by Chocolate Audio


Chocolate Audio follow up their 8 String Baritone Guitar loop library Uproar, with the instrument I was dreaming of: Uproar Raw. This super deep, multi-sampled, bi-amped library is entirely dedicated to power chords and it ROCKS!

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At the time of posting Uproar RAW was on a special intro price of $59 (reg $89.00)
from Chocolate Audio


Review: Chocolate Audio Uproar RAW

Last year I had a chance to review Chocolate Audio’s Uproar library, a collection of loops and phrases performed by Gianluca Ferro. I really enjoyed the instrument, but the big “would have liked to have seen” for the library was a good, easy to use power chords multi-sampled instrument.

Just a few months after making the comment Chocolate Audio released Uproar RAW which is just the library I was dreaming if. Bringing on the talents of Gianluca Ferro and his Custom ESP 8-String Baritone Guitar, the developer went all out with what looks like a super deep-sampled easy to use and very realistic sounding library.

In this first look video (above), I play through some of the 32 articulations (6 round robins & release samples) to get a better idea of what the library has to offer.

UPROAR RAW sells for $89 from Chocolate Audio



Uproar RAW downloads as 3.85 GB and contains a whopping 14.709 samples making up the 32 articulations,

The instrument is playable as a full 2 octaves of range and specifically designed for power rhythms with 2 boutique high-gain amp recording paths and 1 Direct output bi-amped with detuning for flexible timbre and stereo width.
The library contains 30 Kontakt presets & 3 pre-made Kontakt Multi’s for easy multiple out assignments.

UPROAR RAW requires the FULL RETAIL VERSION OF NI KONTAKT 5.5.2 or higher.

UPROAR RAW sells for $89 from Chocolate Audio


Demos & Videos of Chocolate Audio Uproar RAW