First Look: Sculptor Epic Risers by Gothic Instruments


Gothic Instruments is back with a new Sculptor instrument. This time the developer sets it’s sights on delivering a new Risers tool with nearly unlimited combinations of fresh new effects for trailer composers and sound designers alike.

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First Look: Sculptor Epic Risers by Gothic Instruments

Sculptor Epic Risers downloads as 450MB and contain over 250 Kontakt presets from combinations of more than 170 samples. The main NKI allows users to sculpt, shape, blend and manipulate risers (both up pitch and down) with hundreds of variables for creating truly unique riser effects.

There is an intro price offer for £43.96 (reg £54.95) as well as a special loyalty discount of 40% Off offered to owners of previous Gothic Instruments Sculptor or complete bundle libraries (check your email for offer).

Library sells for £54.95/€64.95/$72 (all inc VAT prices) from Time+Space


Videos & Demos of Sculptor Epic Risers by Gothic Instruments