First Look: Rotary by UVI


UVI’s Rotary creates rich and diverse effects that can morph your sounds far beyond what is expected from the traditional vintage cabinet effects. When searching for something a little different, much more than just for that psychedelic-B3-effect, I will definitely be pulling Rotary up to add a little space and depth to my tracks.

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First Look: Rotary by UVI

In this First Look of UVI‘s Rotary, we use some virtual instruments to write a little tune and heavily apply Rotary to the tracks to demonstrate the sonic possibilities of the plugin.

Rotary is available for $79.00 from UVI


Other Virtual Instruments used in this video:

Vintage Rhythm Section by Funk Soul Production

Evolution Strawberry by Orange Tree Samples

RealiDrums by Realitone



Demos of Rotary by UVI

Videos of Rotary by UVI