First Look Review Thaibow Cinematic Fiddle sample library from SturmSounds


In this First Look Review Thaibow Cinematic Fiddle sample library from SturmSounds we take a look at the patches & play through a few of the sounds that make up this inspiring and unique ethnic fiddle virtual software instrument

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The Facts

Thaibow is a cinematic fiddle instrument for kontakt created by SturmSounds

It contains 5 main Kontakt patches and 6 sound design pacthes. The instruments contain picked, bowed and long ebowed sounds as well as fiddle “sound scapes”.
The raw sounds samples are taken from a range of articulations. The articulations range from medium picked to staccato to ebowed and even with the picked samples reversed.

The controls of Thaibow offer a formant filter, a fine tune, a delay, an impulse return level, plus controls for the amount of finger sound, amount of bow sound and a separate control for the drone.

Thiabow comes with 7 round robin 7x on some of the patches, and requires the full version of Kontakt 5 or higher.


This is a great little instrument! The standard fiddle patches alone are rich and have plenty of depth to add to any “world” music track with melody and texture. The morphing adds vocalization to the instrument with it’s wah-like filtering.

But the added sound design patches really take this instrument to an entirely new level!  The ability to apply different pulses and pulse speed to the raw samples transforms the sound transporting this instrument into the realm of “hybrid”

Thaibow goes far beyond just another “ethnic” sounding instrument. It packs a punch and delivers much more than expected with depth and controls that add excitement for both melody as well as texture. This gem of an instrument has me looking over the entire SturmSounds catalog to see what else I might have missed!



Official Thaibow Demos

Official Videos of Thaibow