First Look Review Master Sessions Ensemble Metals from Heavyocity


In this First Look Review Video of Master Sessions Ensemble Metals from Heavyocity we take a lot at what comes with the Collection and play through a few of the sounds and loops that make up the drum & percussive metal sample library.

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The Ensemble Metals Collection is an exciting collection of muti-sampled percussion hits and a huge library of loops. Ensemble Metals is a monster of a library with riveting and impactful sound. The library comes with all the fantastic scripting that we have come to expect from Heavyocity making it SO MUCH MORE than just a percussion sample set. In my opinion, for everything you get with this library it is at a great price.

Now to be fair, I was planning on reviewing the Master Session Ensemble Drums & Ethnic Drum Ensemble but I loaded up Ensemble Metals to make sure my copy had downloaded properly and got so excited by the immediacy and playability of it that I just ran with it!

If you are familiar with other Heavyocity instruments then you will know the power you get with the Trigger FX (T-FX) for realtime manipulation of effects in with step sequence paramaters, the loop Mutator which allow you to “re-compose” loops on the fly and turn them into completely different material.

I know others will gravitate toward other features of Heavyocity‘s great kontakt scripting in the Metals, but for me the stand out feature in the Ensemble Metals Loops for me is the ability to load up sliced loops, drag them to your DAW as MIDI and manipulate them quickly with piano roll.


The Ensemble Metals Collection is made up of 2 libraries: Ensemble Metals Kits & Ensemble Metals Loops.
Each of the libraries sells for $89 individually or retail for $179.00 as a collection.

Ensemble Metals Kits is comprised of 12 muti-sample instruments including hitting Kegs, Pipe, Horse Shoes, Rail Road spikes, trash cans and various other metals. The Ensemble Metals Kits contains 52 Kontakt presets ranging from single instruments chromatic across an octave, ensemble patches and FX patches.

Ensemble Metals Loops is comprised of 300 loops broken into 450+ kontakt presets divided into sliced loops, master loops instrument, loops mapped across the key board with stems as well as mutator preset patches.

The Ensemble Metals Collection requires the Full version of Kontakt 5 (version or later) and weighs in at 2.65 GB uncompressed (1.7GB with NI lossless compression).

Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control
Loop Mutator™ for real-time re-composing of loops
Stand-alone, VST, AU, DXi, AAX, RTAS



Official Master Sessions Ensemble Meta Demos

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Daniel James First Look of Ensemble Metals