First Look Review FlyingHand Percussion 1.5 from Handheld Sound


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First Look Review FlyingHand Percussion 1.5 from Handheld Sounds

captures the detail and excitement that comes from live hand played percussion.

The Facts

It requires the full version of Kontakt 4 or higher and contains 40,000 individual samples, plenty of velocity layers, 4x Round robin, and up to 3 mic positions (close, room, bass extension).

The library plays back with over 50dB of dynamic range and the samples playback with a “totally noiseless with no artifacts”.

FlyingHand Percussion 1.5 was awarded the 2008 Electronic Musician “Editors Choice Award” for Best Sound Library.

FlyingHand Percussion 1.5 normally sells for $179 at Handheld Sounds


With its meticulously recorded samples, HUGE collection of articulations, HUGE range of playing techniques this library sounds and plays amazingly.

Handheldsound has captured the hand-played ethnic drums in a way allowing for left & right-hand sample playback and multiple playing zones with loads of fills, playing techniques, rolls and combination strokes. The “Legato Drumming™” used in the instrument replicates the realtime playing of a live performer and it really shines.

The instrument also contains a built in reverb and (depending on which instrument is loaded) controls for Legato, cutoff, resonance & release.

I’m not a huge fan of the look of the interface although the usability and “visual” guide of the red dot communicating where you are playing on the drum head are well thought out and make this critic a mute point.

The sounds are top shelf with “no Noise or artifacts” as promised and the only thing that was absent but I would have like to have seen while playing through the instrument was a pitch shift control on the front panel.


After winning the 2008 Electronic Musician Award for “Best Sample Library I was curious to see how the 1.5 update would stack up to today’s instruments. It sounds and plays like a top-notch instrument you would expect to get today from a leading developer.

Looking for a complete library of ethnic hand played percussion – look no further.

FlyingHand Percussion 1.5 normally sells for $179 at Handheld Sounds


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