Review Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed from Cinematique Instruments


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Review Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed from Cinematique Instruments

The Facts

Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed uses Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia 1.5 which allows you to load up 7 instruments for playback. When you playback the Ensembia’s a voicing engine splits up notes and chords across the keyboard automatically and assigns them the individual instruments.  When you play Ensemblia automatically analyzes your playing and splits all incoming notes into voices that are separately assign to each instrument and step at your own requirements.

The Arranger panel of Ensemblia is contains 16 step sequencing engine. The arranger allows you to set voicing, octave, velocity for each instrument loaded up. With the arranger you can get a vast array of inspiring and varied musical patterns.

You also have the ability to play each instrument without the arranger engadged and thus play back the instruments without triggering the step sequencer.

Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed both require the full version of Kontakt 4 or higher.

Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed each sell for €115 ($129) each or you can get all 3 Ensemblia instruments in a Bundle for €349 from Cinematique Instruments.

Ensemblia Métallique

Ensemblia Métallique is made up of Tonal Instruments including Vibraphone, Metallophone (warm, raw, dead notes), Alto Bells (natural, leather), Glockenspiel, Kalimba, Spieluhr (natural, raw) as well as Percussive Instruments Wok, Salad Bowl, Singing Bowls (low, medium, high), Tingsha, Metal Drawer.

The samples are clean and clear and blend very well together.

Ensemble Metallique Instruments Selection

Ensemble Metallique Instruments Selection

Ensemblia Stringed

The Ensembia Stringed is made up of Autoharp, Banjo, Hammered Dulcimer (Sus, muted), Kantele, Lute, Guitar Harmonics (elec, accoustic), Monochord, Nylon Harp, Ukulele (Tenor, Sopran), Zither, Piano.

Ensemblia Stringed instruments blend easily together as an ensemble.

 Ensembia Stringed Mixer Page

Ensembia Stringed Mixer Page

Arranger and Master Presets

The presets alone provide great starting points to get some ideas of what this instruments are capable of as well as the ability to save and load your own creations. These presets load up (as well as save) the all of the Arranger sequence settings and your other settings allowing you instantly retrieve your own creations.

I was really inspired by the diversity in tone, feel and textures created by tweaking out the Arranger.  By adjusting the Voicing engine (in the arranger) you are able to choose voicing playback per instrument which will be assigned when notes played back. The Voicing engine analyzes the incoming notes and splits them up as designated as you assign them with 5 separate voice selections ( Low, Midlow, Mid, Midhigh & High). You can select the Voice by clicking on the outline of the circle in each instruments track.

Ensemblia Metallique Master Page


The way Cinmatique Instruments has set up the sequencer in the “Arrange” panel you have control over not only position of not playback and dynamics, but also a choice for instrument voicing. You can subtract the number of steps in the sequencer down to 2 so this will allow you to work in odd meters.


Ensemblia Sequencer Page

Ensemblia Sequencer Page


In all honesty these instruments each deserve their own review, but my review cue is getting very long so I didn’t want to put off either one of these instruments any longer.

The presets alone provide great starting points to get some ideas of what this instruments are capable of as well as the ability to save and load your own creations.

Ensemblia engine is great to work with for the inspiration alone! I found myself spending hours playing around and saving musical ideas from just flipping through the presets and editing the paramaters.

One thing I can really salute Cinematique Instruments on is that both Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed sampled instruments balance perfectly within their own respective mixer. The technique they used to gather the samples into individual instruments that sound great alone and also with a full ensemble is one of the keys to these instruments working so well.

These Ensemblia’s allowed me to take musical ideas in entirely new directions with just a a few adjustments over my chord progressions. Time saving and inspiring both Ensemblia Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed ease of use, vast range of textures and inspiration have me going back to see what other Cinematique Instruments might have slipped past my radar!

Official Demos of Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed

“Venturio” by Eric van Gent

“Fantastique” by Arthur Hendricks

“Marbles in the hourglas” by Hinnerk Hamann

“Flowers” by EvG




Official Videos of Métallique & Ensemblia Stringed