First Look Review Aura Guitars from 8dio


In this First Look Review Video of Aura Guitars from 8dio we take a look at what comes with the sample library and play through a few of the sounds that make up this massive suite of rhythmic guitar samples.

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Aura Guitars

Aura Guitars is a collection of 12 deep-sampled guitars scripted into a rhythm based kontakt instrument. The sample library contains 12 different guitars including a Martin Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Acoustic, Dobro, Mandolin, Ukulele, 8 String Schecter, Silent Guitar, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul and assortment of Bass Guitars.

Aura Guitars requires the full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher and is not compatible with Free Kontakt Player

The library comes with both single notes and chord samples and weighs in at 8.8GB (lossless compression from 17GB). Aura Guitars has a single kontakt patch with 3 modules, so you can load and blend up to three of the supplied guitar samples together. The library was designed for ease of use and inspiration and comes with a random function to randomly load samples, sequences and effects.

The grid-sequencer, which is the heart of the library, which allows you to program your own rhythms manipulating velocity, pan, pitch and on/off for each step of the sequencer. When playing chords you can easily adjust from muted/non-tonal strums to open chords by using the modwheel. At the top of the keyboard for there are also multi-sampled single notes to add more options for your “Aura” rhythms.

There are millions of combinations that can be achieved with Aura Guitars. Aura Guitars retails for $299.


Wow! Library is massive. In the time I spent with the instrument just getting to learn the features I barely scraped the surface.

Aura Guitars is one of those easy to use tools that will inspire and excite you to come up with new adventurous underscore in ways you might not have previously thought of. An amazing tool for composers working on tv and film or any media this library has nearly limitless ways for you to craft your own signature rhythmic guitar textures.

My only real critique is a petty one, the shifting colors in the interface kinda freak me out!

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