First Look: PX V8 by UVI


UVI is back with a sampled synth rarity! The PX V8 originates from the 8-voice analog polyphonic Voyetra 8 synth. With no shortage of presets and controls, this gem of an instrument is sure to inspire new music creations from retro to modern.

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PX V8 sells for $79.00 from UVI


First Look: PX V8 by UVI

In this first look video, we take a listen to some of the presets and functionality of UVI‘s new PXV8 sample synth, opening up the instrument for the first time.

PX V8 contains a sample set from the rare Voyetra 8, a rackmount analog synth that was released in 1982. At the time, the hardware represented a new way of thinking in synthesis as the Voyetra 8’s sophisticated analog technology was picked up and used by such artists as New Order, Depeche Mode, the Eurythmics, and Trevor Horn.


The library contains 400 presets made from its 176 layers containing categories of bass, brass, keys, leads, organs, pads, poly, strings and more. The library contains a 2-layer design with envelopes, multimode filters, modulation, arpeggiators and a capable effect and is compatible with Falcon or the free UVI Workstation.

PX V sells for $79.00 from UVI


Demos of PX V8 by UVI

Videos of PX V8 by UVI