First Look: Pedal Steel by Impact Soundworks


Pedal Steel shines at producing realistic performances in just one take. The engine’s legato transitions, vibrato, and harmonization tools will be a great addition to your country, blues, bluegrass, jazz or swamp rock score or song.

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First Look: Pedal Steel by Impact Soundworks

Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel main Interface.

Impact Soundworks new Pedal Steel instrument comes with a promise to allow users to perform beautiful melodies and harmonies intuitively and in real-time.

Impact Soundworks Harmonization Preferences.

For those not familiar, pedal steel guitar instruments are different than electric or acoustic guitars. The instrument requires a different technique and dexterity to play but rewards the instrumentalist with unique slides and soaring performances.

Pedal Steel Impact Soundworks Console Effect Chain panel

In this video (above) I share a first look checking out the library to see if it lives up to the promotional materials listening to the playback, investigating functionality and getting a feel for the harmonization and vibrato controls.

Pedal Steel normally sells for $199 from Impact Soundworks


Pedal Steel downloads as 6.29 GB and contains Pedal Steel Guitar samples with up to 9 Round Robins including sustain, harmonic, true legato, vibrato & pitch bend articulations.

The engine was custom designed for the sample playback with built in poly legato, easy to navigate Auto Vibrato controls and a Harmonization Mode that contains a number of useful presets.

In addition, the instrument contains the Console Page and an Effect Chain with a number of presets that are compatible with Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 line of instruments.

Pedal Steel is a Kontakt Player Instrument and compatible with the FREE and full version of Kontakt 5.7 or higher.

Pedal Steel sells for $199 from Impact Soundworks

Videos of Pedal Steel by Impact Soundworks