First Look: Orbis by Spitfire Audio


Orbis delivers one-of-a-kind performances of cultures from around the globe as loops, one-shots, and specialty sound design patches all housed in Spitfire’s eDNA engine proving endless opportunities for sonic sculpting.

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Orbis sells for $349 from Spitfire Audio


First Look: Orbis by Spitfire Audio



Over the last 40 years, Ethnomusicologist David Fanshawe has traveled around the world capturing rare performances from different cultures, many of which had previously never been captured.

For the new Orbis library, Spitfire Audio has taken the 2,500 samples from Fanshawe’s work, done some specialized sound design and housed them in the developer’s own eDNA engine as a stand-alone plugin (AU, VST2, VST3 and an AAX).

The presets for the instrument are divided between Loops Menu, Playable Loops, One-Shots Menu, One-Shots Playable, and Pads.

Diving deeper, the eDNA FX panel contains control for 32 different effects as well as master mix and aux sends.

In the video above, I have a look at the library to share some of the presets. More in-depth examples of the instrument’s capabilities are shown in the video playlist below. For this quick look, I play around with the modwheel effects and get a general feel for what the library offers.



Orbis downloads as 21.1 GB and contains over 2,500 sounds performed in Europe, Africa & Middle East all captured by Ethnomusicologist David Fanshawe.

Orbis includes 90% treated content, with over 200 presets of loops, textures, one-shots, and pads housed in Spitfire’s eDNA Sample-Synthesis Engine which is a standalone plug-in AU, VST2, VST3 and an AAX

Owners of Spitfire Audio‘s “Earth Encounters” are eligible for a crossgrade savings of 50%. Login to your Spitfire Audio account and check the Orbis page for details.

Orbis sells for $349 from Spitfire Audio


Demos of Orbis by Spitfire Audio

Orbis demos embedded on the Orbis page at Spitfire Audio

Videos of Orbis by Spitfire Audio