First Look: KHORDS by Loopmasters


Music power to the people! Khords delivers a massive amount of sounds, inspiration, and programmability in a very small (395 MB) download. Great for those looking to add EDM, House or Trap instruments with just one finger programming.

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First Look: KHORDS by Loopmasters


KHORDS sells for $99.00 from Loopmasters

Billed as an instrument to discover “inspiration in harmony”, KHORDS was the 2nd released by Loopmasters in 2018, the first being Bass Master)

The idea behind this library is to provide a nice collection of chords all triggered from one press of a key. With Major, Minor and Root/Note samples from a wide variety of hardware and softsynths, Khords is spot on for  EDM, House or Trap genres.

In this first look video I share a preset sampling of some of what the library has to offer, turning a few knobs and exploring the functionality and program ability to see what the instrument is like right out of the box.


Khords downloads as 395 MB and contains a sample set from Hardware and Software Synths. The library is delivered as VST and AU plugin and compatible with both PC and Mac OS.

The library is delivered in the 2 Layer chord engine with one layer as a Chord Layer and one as a Note Layer.

Khords comes with 315 Chord and Note samples and 550 presets with the ability to create and save your own user presets.
Includes stabs, plucks, strums, pads, atmospheres and more

A Free 14 Day Demo Version of the library is available here (look for Trial version link)

KHORDS sells for $99.00 from Loopmasters



Videos of KHORDS by LoopMasters