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Sonokinetic prove that going small can have a BIG emotional impact! With the developers latest sample-based orchestral phrase library, Indie, Sonokinetic deliver a profoundly inspiring instrument for Kontakt.

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Indie sells for €249.90 from Sonokinetic


NOTE: After filming the first 45 minutes of checking out the library I overlooked the “phrase sync” functionality which will allow all phrases to line up during real-time playback. I have quoted the developers information about phrase sync below and will be sure to highlight this feature once I get a chance to complete a full review of the instrument.

“We have called this function ‘phrase link’ and it allows you to link / sync the playback of two or more phrases to one another. This is useful when you play one phrase and then you trigger a second phrase and want it to jump in at the same point in the bar, rather than playing from the beginning.

Using the powerful Phrase Link function has some very creative possibilities, especially important because Indie has so much melodic material. For example, you can start playback of a phrase at any point, by using a silent phrase as a reference point – turn the volume of that field all the way to zero. You can then jump into subsequent phrases at any point.”

– from Sonokinetic‘s Technical Overview


First Look: Indie by Sonokinetic

Sonokinetic‘s Indie is an orchestral phrase-based library for Kontakt. The instrument’s sample set comes from recording small orchestral sections and aims to deliver intimate performances with a nod to modern TV drama, boutique film, and independent video games.

Indie utilizes Sonokinetic‘s paradigm-shifting engine inside of Kontakt. The engine allows users to play orchestral phrases in any key and seamlessly change from one phrase to another. The result is a one-of-a-kind instrument series with Sonokinetic‘s phrase-based sample libraries that this humble reviewer thinks may disrupt virtual orchestration in the years to come.

For Indie, Sonokinetic sampled small orchestral ensembles for their close and expressive nature and for the first time ever sampled a string quartet.

Indie Sting Quartet

The instrument allows the user to trigger phrases for five different sample collections including a String Quartet, a larger string  ensemble made up of 13 players, a woodwind section of 7 players a brass quintet (5 players), as well as melodic percussion performed by individual and combinations of instruments such as marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, crotales, upright piano, celesta, concert harp & concert cimbalom.

Indie Keyboard

Composers familiar with Sonokinetic‘s previous libraries will note that interaction with the instrument is similar to the developers Noir release. This allows for the user to designate chords in the blue keys while triggering any or all of the phrases with the orange keys.

This is slightly different than the interaction for playback of Sonokinetic‘s previous orchestral phrase-based libraries but this little change seems to make “performing” the library a little smoother leaving users more connected to the instrument.

This new triggering system allows you to easily combine melodies and harmonies in real-time while weaving together performances from phrase selections and chord changes in a very intuitive manner. Although playback in real-time may take a little time to find performance timing to get some transitions to work seamlessly, programming the instrument with midi works flawlessly thanks to controls for expression and release note volume.

Indie Help Screen

I won’t regurgitate all the functionality as Sonokinetic has included a “help” screen for the user as well as created a wonderful set of in-depth video players (below).

I will call out however, that the instrument also comes with a visual score panel. This presents the orchestral score that the selected section is performing. This panel also acts as a midi drag-and-drop which allows users to pull the phrases corresponding score straight out of the library onto a midi channel. As you might imagine, this opens up infinite possibilities for mixing and layering other multi sampled libraries to perform along with Indie.

Indie Score – Drag-To-Midi functionality

As you see in the first look video above,  I was enamored with Indie within minutes. The combination of the way you interact with the instrument coupled with the profound beauty of the phrases ebbs and flows with emotion. This kept distracting me from showcasing the phrases and included samples as I set out to create a first look video to share with you. With every new sample I loaded up I wanted to start performing with the instrument right away and creating music.

Checking out Indie was the kind of inspirational experience one gets when hearing their score performed by a live group of musicians for the first time. Sonokinetic has created another profoundly inspiring and useful library.  Indie is another step toward delivering the true passion and experience of working with a live orchestra to the virtual musician.

Indie sells for €249.90 – Intro price €199 until April 13, 2019 from Sonokinetic



Indie downloads as 62 GB and is an orchestral phrase-based library for Kontakt.

Small Orchestral Ensembles
– String Quartet (4 players)
– String ensemble (13 players)
– Woodwinds (7 players)
– Brass Quintet (5 players)
– Melodic Percussion:Marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, crotales, upright piano, celesta, concert harp &        concert cimbalom

Same Engine as Noir
easy to combine melodies and harmonies and hear real-time performances intertwine
Added Randomize Function

Kontakt Player Instrument

Indie sells for €249.90 from Sonokinetic


Demos of Indie by Sonokinetic

Videos of Indie by Sonokinetic