First Look: Guitar Fury by Sample Logic


True to form, Sample Logic have once again taken a familiar instrument and have turned it into a cinematic library chocked full of pads, synths, and hybrid instruments. Guitar Fury is a guitar library that’s been turned on its head, mangled, twisted, and transformed into a hybrid cinematic instrument that brings together sounds from all over the sonic landscape.  There are plenty of great guitar sounds within Guitar Fury, but to call this a guitar library would be to greatly limit its potential. This is not a deeply-sampled, dedicated guitar library – it is a hybrid synth-style Swiss army knife that merely uses the guitar as a jumping-off point.

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First Look: Guitar Fury by Sample Logic


Guitar Fury is a 43 GB collection of nearly 600 multi-sampled guitars and guitar-inspired instrument presets. Featuring multi-sampled performances captured by Steve Ouimette and programmed by the Sample Logic team.

Think you know guitar libraries? Think again! GUITAR FURY is no traditional multi-sampled guitar library. It goes far beyond with every preset meticulously produced and dressed in glorious creative effects, resulting in a cinematic sound that blurs the line between music and sound design. From this massive virtual instrument arises a straight to the point user driven musical tool designed with a fresh and modern easy-to-use interface.

In the video above, contributor Raborn Johnson shares his experience opening up the library for the first time and checking out a number the presets and functionality that this instrument for Kontakt has to offer.

Guitar Fury normally sells for $199.99 from Sample Logic



Guitar Fury downloads as 43 GB and comes with 594 Instruments & Presets which were made entirely from multi-sampled guitar instruments.
The presets are categorized and displayed in browser with dynamic meta-tag.

Streamlined User Interface includes randomization for instant and creative inspiration and hot-swappable effects chain technology.

Guitar Fury normally sells for $199.99 from Sample Logic


Demos of Guitar Fury by Sample Logic

Videos of Guitar Fury by Sample Logic

Contributor Raborn Johnson shares a first look of Guitar Fury by Sample Logic

“Turned on its head, mangled, and transformed Guitar Fury is choked full of pads, synths and instruments. This hybrid-synth-swiss-army-knife with guitar samples merely as a jumping-off point.”