First Look: Ethera EVI by Zero-G


When I dug into Ethera EVI, I opened up the library expecting some great vocal instruments but the sheer volume of synths, pads, glitch percussion and more really blew me away. Another very useful and inspiring toolkit from Zero-G!

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Ethera EVI sells for £79.96 from Zero-G 


First Look: Ethera EVI by Zero-G

When I heard that Zero-G was releasing another Ethera library I knew we were in for a treat. I’ve been a fan of what developer Stefano Maccarelli and vocalist Clara Sorace have been doing since the first Clara’s Vocals library (no longer available) and have watched with each release as they over-deliver with each and every library.

Ethera EVI File Structure

I utilize Ethera 2.0 often in my scoring work and have to admit I am a huge fan of the timbres and tones of Clara’s vocal quality as well the instruments ability to allow for realism from midi performances.

With Ethera EVI, I was expecting some great vocal instruments but was not prepared for the massive NKI count of hybrid synths, keyboards and percussion that are included.  The “EVI” in Ethera EVI is an abbreviation for Electro Vocal Instrument. From the name alone I was expecting some additional vocoder like instruments, but was delighted to hear a really nice true legato vocal instrument, a massive offering of vocal phrases in different keys and tempos and a ‘vocal builder’ instruments with a nice selection of vowels and annunciations.

Ethera EVI True Legato Instrument

That is just the tip of the iceberg with this library as you see in the first look video, I spend a good hour playing through the presets and getting a feel for what the library has to offer.

Ethera EVI Vocal Builder Instrument

Ethera EVI sells for £79.96 from Time & Space



Ethera EVI Convolution Reverb list

Ethera EVI  downloads as 18.52GB and comes with 800 Presets.

Ethera EVI sells for £79.96 from Zero-G 


Demos of Ethera EVI by Zero-G

Videos of Ethera EVI by Zero-G