First Look: Drone FX by UVI


Drone’s great preset collection will be perfect for those creating underscore or adding cinematic textures while the depth of programmability, low CPU usage and surround output capability will be the ticket for pro sound designers looking for fresh, controllable atmospheres.

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First Look: Drone FX by UVI

Drone FX sells for $149.00 (intro price $99 until June 16, 2020) from UVI

Drone is a new texture and atmosphere designer from UVI. The instrument comes with dual sample layering and UVi‘s granular engine with controls for an XY animator.

UVI created Drone for users to create powerful and evolving soundscapes, shimmering atmospheres, rich expressive pads and more.

The samples were recording at 96 kHz and delivered as 48 kHz lossless FLAC inside the engine with the inclusion of both stereo and surround.  There is also a collection of samples created for the instrument by sound designer Nicolas Becker (Gravity, Arrival, Ex-Machina).

Drone GUI is easy to use with a simple streamlined look and plenty of parameters to tweak.

In this first look, I check out a selection of presets from UVI‘s new Drone FX instrument and have a go at building a preset of my own.


Drone downloads as 17.52 GB and includes 3,332 Samples in Stereo & Surround compressed with FLAC lossless encoding.

The library comes with 320 Presets for texture and atmosphere designer housed in a dual layer sample instruments with IRCAM Granular Engine, X/Y Pad, Swarm, Feedback Loop, Harmonic Effect and Native MPE support.

Drone runs in FREE UVI Workstation version 3.0.12+ or Falcon version 2.0.8+ and does require a free iLok account (no dongle required)

Drone FX sells for $149.00 (intro price $99 until June 16, 2020) from UVI


Demos of Drone FX by UVI


Videos of Drone FX by UVI