First Look Dronar Dark Synthesis by Gothic Instruments


With their 4th Dronar release, Dark Synthesis, Gothic Instruments doubles down and delivers an instrument with evolving yet controllable textures and soundscapes. As the name implies the library does have a “dark” temperament yet conjures a surprisingly diverse range and seemingly endless variety of ambiances that could be perfect for those creating moods and underscore.


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First Look Dronar Dark Synthesis by Gothic Instruments

In this video, I play through a number of Dronar Dark Synthesis Menu presets, manipulating the layers and experimenting with how the instrument performs out of the gate.

I don’t go into covering the Expert controls or other panels controls that expand this instrument even further, such as the Arp, LFO, Filters, FX and Rhythm functions, but will include all the official videos at the bottom of the page, or tune in as Gothic Instruments’ Dan Graham will be presenting Dark Synthesis live on the Time & Space YouTube channel. on Wednesday 14th June at 7pm (BST).

The library’s thousands of samples and unique blending and layering system open doors to endless possibilities of evolving textures and soundscapes, albeit, with a focus on dark tonal creations.

The library downloads as just over 7 GB and does require the full version of Kontakt 5+. The 2,500+ samples make up the 190+ Kontakt NKIs which include a handy set of Menu.nki files to preview the presets.

Housed in the same Dronar engine as Gothic Instrument’s Hybrid Module, Guitarscapes and Live Strings libraries the interface allow for easy access for dynamics of 4 main layers (FX, HI, MID and LOW). The library then allows for fading between 2 samples between each of these layer making the possibilities of evolving textures and motion nearly endless.

Of all the Dronar libraries I have had a chance to check out this one really stood out for me. As a composer who is working on underscore for media regularly, I will be turning to Dark Synthesis for my next project to evoke mystery and tension.

Dronar Dark Synthesis by Gothic Instruments sells for £59.95 (inc VAT) from Time+Space

Existing DRONAR users will receive a loyalty discount for an additional 20% off. Check your email for offer or log into your Time+Space account for details.


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