First Look: Decimator Drums by Audio Imperia


Audio Imperia, the developer known for creating signature trailer tools by trailer composers, offers up a fresh, hard-hitting collection of trailer drums and effects.

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First Look: Decimator Drums by Audio Imperia

Contributor Brian Brylow is hard at work creating the official  SLR review for Decimator Drums, but I couldn’t help but capture my first look, checking out the some of the sounds and functionality of the instrument.

Audio Imperia was kind enough to pass on a special link and Discount Code for SLR viewers. Use this link and discount code “CUZUROCK” an save an additional 10% OFF your entire Audio Imperia order at check out.

While the library is on intro price ($119) and you can grab it for $107.10 (reg $159) with our link and code till April 24, 2017.

Decimator Drums sells for $159 from Audio Imperia

Demos of Decimator Drums

Videos of Decimator Drums