First Look: Dark Era by Best Service


Eduardo Tarilonte is back with a fantastic collection of string and wind instruments, voices, epic percussion and sound design conjuring the Dark Era of ancient pagans and the sound of the Vikings.

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Dark Era sells for $259.00 from Best Service


First Look: Dark Era by Best Service




It is always an exciting month when Best Service releases a new library from Eduardo Tarilonte. With the latest release, Dark ERA, the team set about capturing early pagan and Viking themed sounds as virtual instruments.

Many of the sample sets were created by recording handmade instruments created by instrument maker Benjamin Simao.

As I look over the promotional videos (below) it is like a course in “Ancient Pagan instruments 101” sharing the tones and performances you can get from such instruments as the ancient stringed-harp, gut-stringed Lyre, Nordic bone flute,
overtone flute Fujara, war horns, thunderous percussion and a full ensemble of frame-drums.

The team didn’t stop there but also delivered a nice sized collection of beautiful sound design patches. This sound design presets will be extremely fresh and useful to many composers, not just those working on fantasy or mythic-themed scores or songs.

The collection also contains some truly ‘EPIC’ epic percussion loops included in the library with some fun instrument design allowing quick access to loops, end hits, flams and synth patterns for speedy writing.

There is also a collection of vocal performances and multi-sampled instruments. Those familiar with Best Service‘ Era II Vocal Codex (see the SLR review here) will have an idea of just how inspired and realistic the performances can be from these instruments. Dark Era also includes various whispers and some great mystical throat chants.

In the first look video, above) we take listen through the presets and have a look at what this library offers right out of the box!



Dark Era downloads as 15.36 GB and is a Collection of Ancient Pagan & Viking Instruments. The library comes with 50 instruments total including 7 String patches, 17 Wind patches and 33 Drums + Percussion patches

Dark Era’s virtual instruments were captured with a variety of playing techniques including True legato and Articulations Switching with multiple round robins and Up/Down bow samples for the strings instruments. There are also keyswitched sampled articulations available for plucked, finger and strummed samples of the string instruments.

Dark Era comes with Sound Design instruments with over 100 Soundscapes as well as a collection of Epic Loops, rhythmic pads & Vocal rhythms.

Dark Era does require the FREE Engine V2.6.0.24 available at Best Service.

Note that registered users of ERA II Medieval Legends, ERA II Vocal Codex, Ancient ERA Persia or Celtic ERA, qualify for the Crossgrade at a reduced price. Only available until end of March 2019!

Dark Era sells for $259.00 from Best Service


Demos of Dark Era by Best Service

Videos of Dark Era by Best Service