First Look: Carbon by UJAM


Ujam’s Virtual Guitarist line is known for its ease of use for sculpting realistic guitar phrases into your productions. With Carbon, heavy powerful rhythms are at your fingertips with the playability of not only captured riffs and phrases but also the new expanded multi-sample instrument mode so users can mix and match for unique and original performances.

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First Look: Carbon by UJAM

UJAM was looking to do something different with the new instrument in their virtual guitar line up and Carbon’s inclusion of multi-sampled instrument mode takes the leap from a very well designed phrase and riff player to a even more functioning powerhouse.

The library comes with a huge range of organic and distorted rhythm guitar sounds with no end to processing with easy to use effects controls that take a step away from the standard “amp/cab and pedal” simulation and the Finisher Presets that bring this instrument into the hybrid realm.

Finisher Presets


UJAM has marketed Carbon as a “storytelling super weapon” and checking out the instrument for the first time, This might have been the developer’s way to reach more media composers with the instrument. Don’t me wrong here, the “Finisher Presets” do take this metal 8-string guitar sample set and turn it into a hybrid instrument, but 8 out of 10 of the patches I checked out very much deliver a metal guitar instrument sound more so than what I might call a scoring tool.

Player Instrument provides phrases and riffs

Instrument mode allows for multi-sampled articulation switching (Legato, Shorts to Sustains) as well as quick access to common rhythmic playback (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 as well as “Shreds”)

As a metal guitar instrument, Carbon will be a real help to getting those chunky powerful rhythms and has some great programming to allow customizing playback patterns and riffs to create your own phrases.

Carbon sells for $129.00 from UJAM


Carbon downloads as 4 GB and contains a sample set from an 8-string guitar designed for rhythmic playing. The library comes with more than 55 Styles and 560 Phrases inside its Player Mode as well as multiple articulations in Instrument mode.

The instrument also comes with Amp Models, Layering and Effects (with 75 effect algorithms) and the Finisher Presets.

Carbon downloads as a VST, AU 2, and AAX

Carbon sells for $129.00 from UJAM


Demos of Carbon by UJAM

Videos of Carbon by UJAM