First Look: Augmented Piano by UVI


With Augmented Piano, UVI has delivered a Piano with a massive collection of prepared articulations, some I have never heard in a software instrument. The 24 articulations and FX allow for some great customization, while the 164 presets give composers a great starting point at hearing just what this library has to offer.

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First Look: Augmented Piano by UVI

In this first look video we take a listen through the 24 different articulations of Augmented Piano, the latest release from UVI.

The library was created from recording a 1909 Pleyel Grand with 3 microphone positions and the piano was prepared in
24 different ways being played with a Bow, Brush, Coin, eBow, Harmonics, Key Noise, Foil, Sticks, Pick, Screws, Una Corda, and many other preparation techniques.

In total, Augmented piano delivers 164 Presets, all curated with the adjustments from the included FX engine to give you a very wide variety of sounds and timbres. The presets are made up of the 24 individual articulations as well as a nice collection of mixed preparations techniques.

This library downloads as 14.08 GB and uses FLAC lossless audio compression from a sample set that originally weighed in at 61.92 GB!

Augmented Piano is compatible with the FREE UVI Workstation or Falcon.

Augmented Piano by UVI normally sells for $149.00 from UVI
At the time of posting it was on offer for a special introductory price of $99 at UVI


Demos of Augmented Piano by UVI


Videos of Augmented Piano by UVI