First Look: Artist Series Taylor Davis by Cinesamples


Taylor Davis solo violin uses the same top-tier recording and programming techniques as Cinesamples’ previous solo stings & Artist Series libraries and delivers a highly playable, unique fiddle-like tone.

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First Look: Artist Series: Taylor Davis by Cinesamples

Artist Series Taylor Davis Interface

Expanding on their Artist Series line up, Cinesamples has released Taylor Davis Solo Violin as a Kontakt Player instrument.

Following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Tine Guo libraries, the developer this time points their microphones at American violinist, arranger, and composer, Taylor Davis. The violinist is best known for her violin-covers of music from video games which have gained her a huge following on YouTube .

For the virtual instrument, the team (spoiler) successfully captured and delivered a highly playable library with a unique and fiddle-like tone thanks to Davis’ specific performance style and her hand-made 280-year old Italian violin.

Artist Series Taylor Davis in the Kontakt Libraries Tab

For the library, Cinesamples has included 8 NKIs. The main NKI is the “Articulations” preset which allows for keyswitching between all articulations (including legato). This will most likely be my go-to patch.

Additional controls in the libraries engine include Note Shaping, ∞ Bow (infinite bowing). For all of the presets dynamics are controlled via the modwheel.

On the legato instrument, there are options for legato speed right on the front of the interface and an Auto Legato Speed button which works really nicely. The type of legato that is triggered velocity based. I found that while playing back the legato patch and holding long overlaps of notes with a harder velocity, I was able to trigger a portamento style legato transition.

Artist Series Taylor Davis Reverbs

Another thing the library does spectacularly is Reverb. I found that the included IRs work really well with the sample set and deliver a nice variety of timbres.  Tim’s Combo, to my ears, is an excellent choice for using the library in an ensemble or for solo performance and getting a clear yet lush sound.

In this first look video (above), I share a mock I created learning about the strengths and limitations of the instrument, play through each of the articulations and share them with you.

Artist Series: Taylor Davis sells for $99 from Cinesamples


Artist Series Taylor Davis downloads as 9 GB is a Kontakt Player instrument. It contains 8 NKIs and meets Native Instruments‘ Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) standards.

The library includes Legato, Sustains, Spiccato, Marcato, Pizz, Tenuto & Open Strings articulation sets.

The library’s engine has additional controls for Note Shaping, ∞ Bow (infinite bowing) and dynamics is controlled via Modwheel.

Artist Series Taylor Davis runs in both the FULL and Free version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher.

Artist Series: Taylor Davis sells for $99 from Cinesamples


Demos of Artist Series: Taylor Davis by Cinesamples

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