First Look: Ambius Prime by Soundiron


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First Look: Ambius Prime by Soundirond

Spanning the sound landscape of Pads, Leads, Pulses and  Acoustic Textures, Ambius Prime is a curated collection of presets in a powerful sound-designers dream engine. The library downloads as 9.1 GB and contains all 3 of the Ambius releases as a Kontakt Player.
It includes the samples from Ambius 1: Transmissions as well as Ambius 2 Systematik and a new collection of over 1000 new sounds sourced, Ambius 3: Expanse.

All samples are housed in Soundiron‘s Ouroboros Engine. The engine includes 4-Layer Morphing with XY Pad mixer and includes several ARP & FX and randomization functionality.

In the first look video, I spend a little time playing through some of the 100+ Factory Presets which are a testament to the developers sound design skills, showing off just how far the samples can be manipulated. This is especially impressive after learning that no synthesizers were used to create these samples and everything you hear was built using only organic field and instrument recordings.

There is plenty more to learn about the library so check out the official demos and walkthrough videos (below).

Ambius prime is available for $149 from Soundiron


Demos of Ambius Prime by Soundiron

Videos of Ambius Prime by Soundiron