First Impressions & Review of Spectrasonics Keyscape by @zirconst (from a Livestream)


Zirconst  ( Andrew Aversa from Impact Soundworks ) shares his first impressions and thoughts while checking out Spectrasonics new Keyscape library in this livestream which originally broadcast Tuesday September 13, 2016.

Zirconst is not affiliated with Spectrasonics in any way but is a fan of the Spectrasonics libraries and wanted to share his first impressions. In the video, he takes a look at Spectrasonics Keyscape for the first time. Keyscape is a virtual instrument (VST, AU, AAX) that offers a variety of interesting keyboard sounds such as acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and vintage digital keys.

Spectrasonics Keyscape sells for $399 (download, boxed available) from


ABOUT ZIRCON: zircon (Andrew Aversa) is an EDM / electronic music producer, remixer, and game soundtrack composer. He has released over a dozen albums and soundtracks in styles ranging from breakbeat, big beat, dubstep, and drum n’ bass, to epic orchestral, atmospheric, chillout, and vocal trance. He frequently collaborates with his wife, vocalist Jillian Aversa ( and has written for such soundtracks as Recore, Soulcalibur V, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Monkey Island 2 SE, and many others. You can check out more of his videos at his youtube channel


Official Demos of Keyscape

Official Videos of Keyscape