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Evolution Sitardelic excels in it’s ‘Free Love’ timbres and exceeds expectations with it’s extensive variety of presets. This sampled electric sitar sparkles in the Evolution engine with enhanced realism through the physical modeling and great strumming performance options.

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Review: Evolution Sitardelic • Orange Tree Samples

Evolution Sitardelic is a Kontakt player instrument sampled from a genuine Coral Electric Sitar. For the sample set Orange Tree Samples teamed up with Guy Randle at the Rosewood Recording Company to recorded a semi-hollow body electric Sitar.


Evolution Sitardelic sells for $179.00 (USD) from Orange Tree Samples

Currently on sale at time of posting with a intro price of $139


Few instruments instantly conjure thought of the era of free love and the hippy movement like a sitar. With Evolution Sitar, Orange Tree Samples has released a deep sampled electric sitar with very authentic and life-like playback. If you saw my review of Orange Tree’s Steel Strings or Modern Nylon  you know I am a big fan of the Evolution engine and the quality of the instruments OTS is putting out. So it’s no surprise many of the same things I have cheered about will be repeated in this review.

The tone of this unique instrument OTS has captured is clean and clear with that special sparkle you only get from a sitar. The library was sampled dry so it can be shaped into a huge variety of tones. The sample set comes from sampling an electric sitar with a semi-hollow pine body and a rosewood fretboard, with classic “lipstick” single-coil pickups. The full octave of drone strings add that extra resonance and make it have that special sitar sound.


Preset Snapshots

Nothing shows off the versatility of the instrument like flipping through the presets. OTS have crafted a great selection of about 20 presets to take you on a sonic journey into the world of spirituality meets classic rock. With the presets alone I was able to get some great tones.

The instrument comes with a full FX rack. As I have mentioned many times in my other reviews I am not a fan of using effects in the Kontakt engine and typically stick with using premium plugins for effecting my signal chain. However, the Evolution engine’s great set of “stomp boxes” and amps do just the trick to add distortion, a bit of delay, verb or even special effects to the instrument.

The ability to jump back and forth between strumming, using the strum key switches (green) and playing lead/picked lines is where the Evolution engine really shines. The Evolution engine’s fantastic body resonance and physical modeling scripting (including a proprietary resonance engine) support a very live and realistic sound to performances. These factor into the playback of the Evolution Sitar, though not as much as they do for the acoustic instruments that have longer more resonant sustains.



The instrument comes with a wonderfully powerful STRUM engine . The strum engine lets you create, load or save strum patterns. The performance from the STRUM engine creates some extremely convincing performances. Again, this factors into the playback of the Evolution Sitardelic, but for me it is not as delightful as strumming one of OTS’s acoustic guitars in the series.

Setup Panel

Setup Panel

The SETUP panel of the instrument gives you lots of options for altering the sound of playback including double, triple and quadruple  tracking, pick modeling on/off, pick & release noise amounts, pitch bend settings and more.

For this one it’s hard to weigh out the PROS and CONS. This is a specialty instrument. The choice to purchase will be pretty simple. If you’re looking for deep sampled Electric Sitar and know about the Evolution Engine, this is your guy. If not, learn more about the Evolution engine and see if this would be a good fit for you.

Evolution Sitardelic sells for $179.00 from Orange Tree Samples

For more info visit  Orange Tree Samples

Official Demos of Evolution Sitardelic

OTS Funk Allstars by Jon Jackson
Rock Sitar by Andrea Bellucci


Official Videos of Evolution Sitardelic