Evan Evans’ Guest Pick: Sample Modeling Trumpet V3

This post is part of the Time Travel Tools series with a focus on Vintage and Retro Instruments and Plugins.


Evan Evans’ Guest Pick: Sample Modeling Trumpet V3

When we think of the instruments to help us achieve nostalgia we often over look the trumpet. While working on our Time Travel Tools posts we reached out to award winning composer Evan Evans and asked him what his favorite vintage/retro instrument was to use.
Evans, who runs the group Film Scoring Mentorship, was eager to share his answered: the Sample Modeling Trumpet.

The Sample Modeling instruments have been known for their ability to add a new layer of realism and SampleModelings Trumpet V3 seems to be a leader in the solo trumpet VI space. As a trumpet player himself, Guest Contributor Evan Evans told us he loves the Sample Modeling Trumpet so much he actually sold his physical trumpet!


“In addition to being a Film Composer, I am also a Trumpet player. SampleModeling’s Trumpet is so good, that I actually sold my physical Trumpets (Bach Stradivarius) after I found THE TRUMPET V3.”
– Evan Evans, Film Composer

“Farewell” Composed and produced by Ray Manderson (official The Trumpet demo)


The trumpet has been used for years in scores for media to whisk audiences back to Medieval Times, US Civil War to the 1940’s with film Nior. Though I have not had a chance to demo the Sample Modeling instruments myself, I have heard from several other composers that love this instrument. I included a few demos and videos I found from around the internets. Special thanks to Evan Evans for sharing his thoughts for the Time Travel Tools feature.


Concert for trumpet and Orchestra in Eb Major, 3rd movement,F.J. Haydn – Performed by Fabio Vicentini (official The Trumpet demo)


The Trumpet V3 sells for €159 (+ VAT if within the European Union) from Sample Modeling.


Somewhere in Bukowina (official The Trumpet demo)



Videos of Sample Modeling Trumpet V3