Composer Secrets – Score Breakdown in Logic w/Sound Yeti Ambition/Revelation Scoring Grand


Over the last year, we’ve watched as Sound Yeti continue to put out expansion to their flagship Kontakt  Player instrument Ambition (see SLR review here.) Then just a couple of months ago the developer release Revelation Scoring Grand a hybrid piano Kontakt Player instrument. After watching contributor Pete C’s review of Revelation Scoring Grand I really wanted to check out both these instruments myself in a Composer Secrets video.

Huge thanks to those who have commented sharing your enthusiasm for the previous Composer Secrets videos. I am hoping to have more time in the future to continue the series more regularly.

The thing that struck me about both of these instruments was the “cinematic” quality they produce. With Ambition’s roots in ambient sound design, evolving to bass, synth and pulses and Revelation Scoring Grand layer engine providing a plethora of presets for insta-score I couldn’t wait to dive in and learn about how I might use the instruments in a mock-up.

In this video, I share a composition I created in about 3 hours starting with a foundation of the previously mentioned Sound Yeti instruments and then layering to taste with some of my stand-bys for adding effects, hits, whooshes, and percussion.

Instruments used in this video:

Ambition by Sound Yeti by Sound Yeti

Revelation Scoring Grand by Sound Yeti

Fluid Shorts by Performance Samples

Substance by Output

Hanz Zimmer Libraries by Spitfire Audio

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects by AVA MUSIC GROUP

Groth by Wavelet Audio

Evolution: Atlantica by Keepforest

UVI Meteor by UVI