Christmas Weekend FREE Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments and Year End Deals


This page is sponsored by our friends at Spitfire Audio. From Dec 25th – Dec 31st you can save up to 60% off virtual instruments, sample libraries and collections. With a few libraries going on sale for the first time others rolling back to the introductory prices for just a couple of days.

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This year Sample Library Review is celebrating the holiday weekend with a look at some new plugin freebies, sample libraries deals and all the wonderful FREE music software gifts available from developers.

The Best Music Software Holiday Weekend Deals & FREE Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments and Plugins


up to 65% OFF Spitfire Audio Winter Sale


FREE Weird & Wonderful Instruments for Kontakt

Texture by AudioThing Dec 31

FREE “Mutated” for Omnisphere by Man Makes Noise

FREE Slinky Violin (Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler) by David Hilowitz Music

FREE CAROUSEL by Sonokinetic

GHOST in the MACHINE by Sound-Dust

Best of 2020 FREE Virtual Instruments

►  Best of 2020 Awards Winners –

LABS Series by Spitfire Audio –

The Free Orchestra by Project Sam

Hammersmith Free by Soniccouture


Native Instruments

FREE Instruments used for Holiday Music Mockup

LABS Series by Spitfire Audio

Rosinspiel Vst Buzz

Triangles by Cinesamples


Holiday Sales


Sound Yeti

Chocolate Audio



Recently Announnounced FREEbies

World Colors Clar-Dudukby Evolution Series

YANGQIN by Native INstruments

Analogue Cinema 1.17 GB Loops, One-Shots w/code “sjskwbdk”

Trailer Ambient Tools by Wavelet Audio

Loopmasters Christmas Present



Plugin Boutique 12 Days of Christmas

Plugin Boutique – 12 Days of Christmas Sale –
80% OFF iZotope Insight 2
35% OFF Output PORTAL
35% OFF Scaler 2
50% OFF XLN Audio XO
25% OFF Mastering The Mix MIXROOM & BASSROOM Bundle
62% OFF Future Audio Workshop SubLab Complete Bundle

UP TO 73% OFF Soundtoys Holiday Sale Jan 12


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