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Nothing brings music to life-like a vocalist! Soundiron’s Voices of Gaia is a wonderful collection of 4 distinct voices. This incredible toolkit offers up multi-sample vocal instruments with legatos and thousands of phrases with a wide variety of textures and sound designed ambience instruments that will have you rethinking which ‘pads’ to reach for in your next track.

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Checking Out of Voices of Gaia by Soundiron

Soundiron’s Voices of Gaia is a collection of solo vocalists spanning the range from world and cinematic to indie sounding timbres.

Important to note that even though the Voices of Gia: Francesca, Strawberry & Bryn libraries had been previously released as Kontakt instruments, this new Kontakt player edition offers up not only over a thousand new phrases for the previously released instruments, but also an entirely new voice – Michael.

New to the Kontakt Player Instrument is the Voice of Michael.

With a great sounding set of true legato, sustains, and staccatos articulations plus a wealth of live performance phrases in a variety of keys, tempos and styles, this library will be extremely useful for those on deadlines, on a budget or for inspiration when we just can’t get a live vocalist in for a recording session.

Another standout for me in the library are the Ambiences instruments which offer such depth and air, all thanks to the talented sound design from the team at Soundiron, taking the original vocal samples and crafting beautiful texture and drones.

Nothing brings a cinematic composition to life like a vocal performance and with Voices of Gaia’s incredible timbres from these 4 great singers, there is so much to love about this library.

Although I have been a fan of the Voice of Francesca since I reviewed it in 2016, the new collection comes with a brand new interface including even more controls and phrase sequencing options.

Voices of Gaia sells for $249 from Soundiron.


Voices of Gaia downloads as 9.7 GB (losslessly compressed). The library contains a sample set captured from recording of 4 unique vocalists.

VOG comes with 79 nkis including multi-sampled instruments with a variety of articulations as well as phrases & sound designed presets.

The library is a Kontakt Player Instrument and compatible with both the FREE and Full version of Kontakt.

Voices of Gaia sells for $249 from Soundiron

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