Checking Out: Vintage Vault 2 by UVI


Vintage Vault 2 is a synth lovers dream! Top-notch samples from rare and original hardware, intuitive GUIs with functionality beyond the original hardware. This massive offering of 50 instruments and 111 drum machines make this the only synth bundle you may need.


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The library runs in UVI Workstation version 2.6.12+ (which is free) or Falcon version 1.3.1+ and sells for $599 from UVI.


Checking Out: Vintage Vault 2 by UVI

Retro and vintage synths are all the rage in my world of scoring for pictures right now and Vintage Vault 2 delivers a synth lovers dream collection of samples and sounds ranging from some of the most popular analog and digital synths of their time to extremely rare gems.

But the instruments don’t stop there. Each of the libraries in UVI‘s Vintage Vault 2 go far beyond their hardware counterpart with functionality including filters, effects, and an arpeggiator.

Each of the libraries in UVI‘s Vintage Vault 2 go far beyond their hard ware counter point with functionality including filters, effects and an arpeggiator.

Created from 5 decades of synthesizers and drum machines, all recorded in professional studios through class-A signal chains Vintage Valut 2 is a collection of 20 sample libraries containing 50 instruments, 111 drum machines and with over 7,000 presets.

Vintage Vault 2 comes with 50 instruments and 111 drum machines

The library runs in UVI Workstation version 2.6.12+, and Falcon version 1.3.1+ and sells for $599 from UVI.

At the time of posting the collection was on a special intro price for $399
Upgrade/Crossgrades offers are available to owners of any of the libraries contained in the bundle starting at $199


What’s New in Vintage Vault 2?

It would be simply impossible to review every instrument contained in the Vintage Vault 2 collection even though I have had the pre-release copy for a few days now. So what I set out to do was look over all the new instruments that have been added to he collection from the original Vintage Vault that take it to the new release Vintage Vault 2.

OB Legacy

The brand new OB Legacy is sure to be one of the highlights of the new Vintage Vault 2 collection. This library was created from sampling the synths of legendary American Synth Designer Tom Oberheim.

The dozens of hardware synths have been consolidated into 6 fairly easy to use instrument including the XP-12, M-6K, UV-XXX, SIX-12, UV-1 and UVSR-2. All in, OB Legacy delivers 1,400+ presets.

OB LEgacyis available separately from UVI for $199




Cameo is UVI‘s Phase Distortion Suite of synths sampled and curated from the classic CZ series by Casio. For the library, UVI sampled the CZ1, CZ101, CZ1000, CZ2300S, CZ3000 and CZ5000 and consolidated the sample pool down to 3 Instruments with lots of controls for addtional functionality far beyond what the original hardware had to offer.


Digital Synsations Vol. 2

The 90’s were ablaze with innovation in digital synthesis. So many competing products – so much variety and some were SO damn expensive that if you weren’t a professional musician they were out of reach until they hit the used market. UVI has been revisiting the vintage synthesizer scene over the past couple of years and has brought back some of these amazing machines in an economical and space-friendly way! Digital Synsations Vol. 2 brings us three more of these legendary treasures.

SLR Editor Brian Brylow reviewed Digital Synsations Vol. 2 the library when it first came out.


PX Apollo

The PX Apollo is truly a rare gem among the collection. The samples for this instrument come from a polyphonic analog synth prototype from the ‘70s. There are only 2 of these known to exist. UVI got it’s hands on one but had to launch a tremendous restoration effort, sparing no expense, to ensure complete authenticity and original functionality before sampling the instrument thoroughly.

A fun instrument to dive into, the PX Apollo is pretty intuitive if you want to start crafting and creating your own sounds but the 150 patches are great starting point for hearing what the instrument has to offer.



The UVS-3200 features the sounds of the vintage analog Korg PS-3200. The sampled hardware was a semi-modular 48-voice polyphonic analog synth that was manufactured in limited numbers during the late ‘70s.

The PS-3200 provided 2 VCOs, each with its own VCF and LFO per-voice, across 48 voices with preset recall providing a wealth of inspiration with rich, warm character from the golden age analog.

I had a chance to do a First Look video of the USV-3200 when it first came out and foudn the intterface and sounds to be a pleasure to work with.

This is a personal favorite from the collection. This synth seems to make it into a lot of my trailer tracks as well as being used heavily in my latest album release Obsurca.



With the UVX80, UVI captured the rare, vintage ‘80s synth (Roland JX-3P & Juno) while adding the flexibility and ease of use of a modern softsynth. I had a chance to check out the instrument when it first was released and it was an adventure, playing through some of the presets and getting a feel for what the instrument has to offer.

This set of 8-voice analog synth samples are a rarity indeed. There are very few of the sampled hardware still in existence and even fewer in working condition.

The library comes with over 250 patches of vintage analog warmth with modern controls and those preset make for a great starting point for your sculpting your own creations.


BeatBox Anthology 2

A completely new re-working of the original classic that now features 111 drum machines and a whopping 11,000 samples.
From ancient analog prototypical finger snaps to sophisticated digital soundscapes this massive drum library offers the ability to blend not only the various drum machines and synth sources together, but the step sequencer and effects give you ample capability to create unique rhythms and beat structures.

I had a chance to check out BeatBox Anthology 2 when it first came out.


All things considered, this is a synth lover’s dream collection. The samples from all 50 synths and 111 drum machines are from actual hardware sample recordings and no software emulations were used. The quality of all the sample is top-notch making this a true all-in one for those looking for a complete package of synths.

One thing that stands out for me after having played with most of the synths in the collection is how the interfaces for each instrument carry the spirit and feel for the libraries but all have a fairly intuitive interface to navigate around, adding the additional effects, arpeggiators, and filters.

The consistency of modwheel usage and assignment for vibrato, rotary and or filter controls give just that little extra to make the instrument morph and breathe easily, adding another dimension of textural evolution over time.

The library runs in UVI Workstation version 2.6.12+ (which is free) or Falcon version 1.3.1+ and sells for $599 from UVI.


Demos of Vintage Vault 2 by UVI

Videos of Vintage Vault 2 by UVI