Checking Out: Timphonia by Modwheel


Modwheel does it again with Timphonia. The dazzling fidelity, deep sampling, and experimental Shaped Noise instruments deliver a Timpani library that could stand alone for an entire score or track.


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Checking Out: Timphonia by Modwheel

I have been a fan of the brilliant sampling technique and experimental sound design from Modwheel for sometime. Even after reviewing the developers previous releases ( HumDrumThe Bends & Angklung ) I still wasn’t sure what to expect when Modwheel set their sights on a library completely dedicated to Timpani. After checking out the instrument I was most suprised at the diversity of timbres. Weather your looking to create an entire score or rythemic composition with just Timphonia or looking for a go to Timpani instrument for your orchestral needs I highly reccomend you check out the demos and other videos below and see if this instrument is right for you.

Timphonia sells for $79 from Modwheel



Timphonia downloads as 7.1 GB (3.5 GB using new lossless compression) and contains 24bit 96k multi samples. The library is made up of 21 Kontakt Patches and does requires full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

Timphonia sells for $79 from Modwheel

Demos of Timphonia

Videos of Timphonia