Checking Out: Soundiron Insane Bundle Deal (currently 84% OFF)


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Checking Out: Soundiron Insane Bundle Deal

Audio Plugin Deals have announced a monster deal with 84% OFF the Soundiron Insane Bundle Deal. This bundle downloads as 44 GB and comes with a diverse range of 6 Kontakt libraries developed by Soundiron.

The bundle deal comes with the Montclarion Hall Grand Piano, Rust 1 v2.0, The Beat Boxer, Traveler Organ, Struck Grand, and the gem of the collection, Mars Mens Choir.

These libraries do requires the full version of Kontakt and will be available for this special price of $99 (reg $674.00) for just two weeks during the deal promotion.

Soundiron Insane Bundle Deal sells for $99 from Audio Plugin Deals



There is a lot to like about this bundle. Not only is the Mars Mens Choir worth the cost of entry, each of the rest of this seemingly ragtag collection come with superb sample sets and well thought out interfaces, as well as additional expanded sound design presets. These are the kind of top notch sound design presets I have come to expect from Soundiron with a huge variety of expanded range from the traditional sample set.

For more details, demos and official videos visit Audio Plugin Deals before January 8th to learn more.



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